Seller abbreviations

Record sellers abbreviations due to charges on length of description

Descriptive Abbreviations
autog=autographed(usu.   on cover)
bklt=booklet insert
cc=cut corner of   cover
co=cutout cover
coh=cutout hole in   cover
con or sm=sawmark on cover
dh=drill hole in   cover
djl=dj promo label
djts=dj timestrip on   cover
djs=dj stamp on cover
gfld=gatefold cover
h2o=water damage on   cover
lim ed=limited   edition
nap=does not affect   play
obc=on back cover
oc=on cover
ocs=orig. co. sleeve
ol=on label
osw=original   shrinkwrap on cover
OST=original   soundtrack
pc=picture cover
prst=promo sticker on   cover
rssoc=radio station   sticker on cover
rssol=radio station   sticker on label
rw=heavy ring wear on   cover
s=used at beginning   means small
soc=sticker on cover
srw=slight ring wear   on cover
sst=song sticker on   cover
S/T=self titled or   Same
toc=tape on cover
tol=tape on label
VA=various artists
wlp=white label promo   or dj label
woc=writing on cover
wol=writing on label

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