The Perfect Ebay Record Listing

I reckon this is about the perfect eBay record listing. Everything you need to know in order to put your value the record and decide whether you want it. Not passing off a reissue as an original, all the run-out stamps clearly identified and an unambiguous statement of its original pressing status. Clear grading detailed description of any surface damage, for example, 1″ long barely feelable scratch on Track 1″. No wriggle–room for “not as described”, but in return you get to know in advance exactly what to expect.

Pictures of front and back cover, and both labels. Good sharp properly lit photos with good colour fidelity. The only improvement could be the exclusive LJC all-in-one view of the run-out and the labels.

Pity it is a Buy-it-Now rather than an Auction, but that’s the sellers choice., and up to you.  He is a premium price record seller  – most sellers haven’t to need or time to be this thorough with run of the mill rock and pop, but this the standard of information to aim for.


Pity Ebay don’t show potential  record sellers this example of best practice. It would save everyone a load of aggravation.



5 thoughts on “The Perfect Ebay Record Listing

  1. Maybe somone can help. I have an Esquire 10 inch of ‘Errol Garner and His Rhythm’ performing ‘Impressions’ and ‘Reverie’. Recorded 20.8.49 – Labled: 10-256 (P-13145-ID). Can anyone tell me much about this?

    Kind regards

  2. sarurai is such a nice guy. bought a pharoah sanders record from him once, and we still talk on ebay every so often about records and such. he even once sent me a free record, an original “jewels of thought” just because he knew i liked pharoah! if only all sellers were so nice… sigh,

  3. The only elements that would make this listing better (and thus “perfect” IMO) are *definitely* audio samples, preferably of the inner grooves of each side, and the weight of the vinyl is always nice to know.

  4. I find it amusing that you used this listing as a sample. I ended up buying this one. I’m not sure I am supposed to say this, but I was glad the seller accepted my unofficial offer. The description was very accurate, and great music, too!

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