Two Lazy Afternoons: Steve Kuhn and Cecil Taylor


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Two very different Lazy Afternoons, another LJC contrast-and-discover opportunity, one just a trifle more relaxing than the other, though some might disagree. Some might prefer a Busy Afternoon, on account of us under-employed find every day lazy. However, let’s go … Continue reading

At Newport 1957: Byrd, Gryce, Taylor – Verve/JP ’80’s


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Cecil Taylor Selection: Nona’s Blues (Taylor)  Jazz Lab Introductions: Willis Conover Byrd Gryce Jazz Lab Selection: Love for Sale (Cole Porter) Music Live at Newport 1957, a continuation of the post previously including the young Bill Evans and Eddie Costa, moves … Continue reading

Cecil Taylor: Complete Candid Recordings (1960-1) Mosaic


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UPDATES: April 6, 2016 previously missing Page 1  added March 1st, 2016 – Complete Mosaic Booklet added Selection: Jumpin’ Punkins (Take 4) Jumpin’ Punkins (Take 6  Artists: Small ensemble: Archie Shepp (ts) Cecil Taylor (p) Buell Neidlinger (b) Denis Charles or Sonny … Continue reading

Gil Evans: Into The Hot (1961) WRC/Impulse


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Selection: Bulbs (Cecil Taylor) Artists – on selection Bulbs Jimmy Lyons (alto saxophone) Archie Shepp (tenor saxophone) Cecil Taylor (piano) Henry Grimes (bass) Sunny Murray as Jimmy Murray (drums) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 10, 1961 … Continue reading

Cecil Taylor: Danger Ahead!


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Taylor’s 1958 “Looking Ahead!” album gave us a taste of what was to come: a pianist who was rapidly leaving behind familiar jazz tonality, ryhthm and structure. Somewhere between his early beginning in the mid-Fifties and the complex angular compositions of his later Blue Note … Continue reading

Cecil Taylor Quartet “Looking Ahead!” (1958)


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Track Selection:  “Excursion on a Wobbly Rail” > Artists Earl Griffith (vib -1,2,4/6) Cecil Taylor (p) Buell Neidlinger (b) Dennis Charles (d) NYC, June 9, 1958 Music US Contemporary pressings are renowned for their audiophile quality, and this one is … Continue reading