Ebaywatch; Night of the Dealers?


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I expect some of you were watching the closing evening yesterday of the Danish Ebay seller  Cross_Road_Blues (Score 4279) auction. 234 superb vintage jazz LPs, including some of the most desirable Blue Notes, all in excellent or near mint condition Here’s … Continue reading

At last, it’s possible! Real home-download vinyl!


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Thanks to ground-breaking  technology of Additive Manufacturing, the new process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file, in conjuction the LJC exclusive hybrid Analogue Conversion Vinyl Pump™,  real home-downloadable vinyl is just a few clicks away. Just connect the LJC vinyl pump to … Continue reading

Leon Leavitt, legendary collector and trader of rare jazz records


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(an occasional post prompted by the interesting exchange regarding said gentleman) What Leon Wanted (1980) Browse through Leon Leavitt’s Wants List, circa 1980 (Wants List courtesy of DottorJazz – click to enlarge). It’s like reading pages from TheJazzCollector’s $1,000 bin. … Continue reading

How big is your vinyl jazz collection? An LJC Poll.


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It’s poll time. There have been many comments about quality and preferences for different artists and styles of jazz, but I want to get down to the more basic question of quantity: how big, or how small, is your vinyl  jazz collection? Perhaps you … Continue reading