Chick Corea: Bliss (1967) Muse (+ photo update)


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Selection: Marjoun (LaRoca)  – Muse, 1973 .   .  . Original:  Majoun  – Douglas, 1967 .  .  . The remastered Muse sounds quite different to the Douglas original. The stereo stage is quite different. The  Muse sounds to me  more “congested”, and … Continue reading

Pete LaRoca Turkish Women at the Bath (1967) Douglas


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Pictures updated December 20, 2019 Selection: Majoun (La Roca) .  .  . Fast-paced Bop-Not Bop, with the young Chick Corea looking to establish his own  forceful identity, while la Roca leaves no-one in any doubt he is the leader, and he isn’t … Continue reading