Don Rendell/ Ian Carr : Phase III (1967) EMI Lansdowne


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Selection: Crazy Jane ( Carr  ) … The selection Crazy Jane narrowly defeated the more mainstream track On! due to the latter’s lengthy drum solo – a feature of many  ’60s recordings, an outbreak of instrumental democracy and fair play, everyone gets … Continue reading

Stan Tracey: We Love You Madly (1968) EMI /Columbia Magic Notes


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Allergy advice: this record contains no Steve Hoffman or Music Matters engineering, but may contain traces of British Jazz nuts. Selection: Lay By (Ellington/Strayhorn) from Suite Thursday.Tony Coe pulling off a passable impersonation of a Paul Gonsalves smeared-sax  solo. . Another selection: In … Continue reading

The British Jazz Explosion (1966-9) EMI Lansdowne


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Five Selections: your five-a-day portions of jazz, for a healthy listening diet. I provide a sample from an album, they provide a sample from an album, I figure if its good enough for them it’s good enough for me too. Artists: … Continue reading