Francy Boland: Cologne Scene (late ’60s) Schema/Rearward


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An experiment, in a novel form of A:B comparison, combined with some big band personnel detective work. In summary, LJC out on a limb, as usual. Selection: The Girl and The Turk (Boland) .  .  . Artists Trio: Francy Boland, piano; … Continue reading

Basso-Valdambrini 5: Walking in the Night (1960) RCA Italiana (Victor Jp 1994 re)


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Not the Holy Grail RCA Italiana 1960 original, but a respectable Japanese vintage copy from 1994. Selection 1: Lotar (O. Valdambrini) .  .  . .Selection 2: Walking in The Night (O. Valdambrini) . .  .  . As these tracks are unconscionably … Continue reading

Sahib Shihab: Summer Dawn (1963) Rearward RE (updated)


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Selection: Waltz for Seth Artists Sahib Shihab (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute), Jimmy Woode (bass),  Joe Harris (bongos) Kenny Clarke (drums) Ake Persson (trombone) Francy Boland (piano) Produced by Gigi Campi,  engineer: Wolfgang Hirschmann; recorded Cologne, Germany, May 8 and 9, 1963. … Continue reading

Boland Clarke Our Kinda Strauss (1966-72) Rearward


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Selection: Peters Waltz (Sahib Shihab) A big band interpretation of a favourite composition found on another Sahib Shihab recording All Those Cats . Here it is a vehicle for alto saxophonist Derek Humble, tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, and Sahib himself on baritone. … Continue reading

Sahib Shihab Companionship (1964-70)


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Track Selection 1. Bohemia After Dark (O. Pettiford) Track Selection 2. Talk Some Yak-Ee-Dak (J. Woode) Artists Sahib Shihab (bars, fl) Kenny Clarke (d) Benny Bailey or I Sulieman (t) Francy Boland (p) Åke Persson (tb) Jimmy Woode (b) Sadi (vib, perc) or J Harris … Continue reading