Blue Note Records: the EMI era, 1979 to present day (updated)


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UPDATED July 20 – adding Classic Records.   I should have  anticipated this. In the ’80s and ’90s, reissues  were a whole generation’s first introduction to Blue Note. The purist perspective of “original pressings” from the ’50s and ’60s is a long way from … Continue reading

Newport News – a guest post


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Newport News A guest post by LJC reader Clive D, writing as Vinylla So, LJC has been soliciting yet again … for vinyl acquisition stories…. One afternoon, relaxing with my usual Ximenes (Ed: I think Ximenes refers to a cryptic crossword … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Blue (updated)


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 (Update March 23: shades of blue now increased to eight –  three extra rips added at the foot of the post, courtesy of ripmeister Bill H) Fifty Shades of Blue – Kind of Blue, not Blue Notes – ok, and … Continue reading