Kind of Blue Data Collection – what’s your six-eye matrix?


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I didn’t want my mailbox jammed with everyone telling me what KoB matrices they have got (some did anyway, great) – but then I had a brainwave: Polldaddy!  Hopefully this will work. If it doesn’t then there’s nothing lost, except I … Continue reading

Harold Land: The Fox (1959) Hi Fi Jazz


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Selection: One Second, Please (Hope) . Whilst the standard pick on The Fox is… The Fox, a helter-skelter chase at breakneck speed,  it has a “showcase” feel, look how fast we can play this tricksy tune, plus I already chose … Continue reading

Collector’s Guide to Contemporary Records Part I (updated)


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SUNDAY UPDATE: Guide to Contemporary 3500 series back covers now added to permanent pages for Guide to the  Contemporary Records  label. (If you are able to provide better picture of original back cover with coloured text and frame, all contributions … Continue reading

Prestige: Visual Reference Guide to Original NY Pressings v.1.1 (updated)


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UPDATED July 5th: new reference material added to the Prestige Boot Camp and  a QUICK LOOK UP REFERENCE TABLE for Prestige NY label has been added to the permanent pages of LJC Guide to Record Labels/ Prestige and New Jazz. If you have … Continue reading

Prestige: draft guide to original pressings Part 1: the N.Y.C “Fireworks” label


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Prestige Yellow Fireworks Label, 446 W. 50th St., N.Y.C, (1955-8) Prestige Records was one of the main specialist modern jazz labels in the 50’6s and ’60s, a rival to Blue Note. The quality of recording and pressing of its 12″ first NYC label … Continue reading

At last, it’s possible! Real home-download vinyl!


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Thanks to ground-breaking  technology of Additive Manufacturing, the new process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file, in conjuction the LJC exclusive hybrid Analogue Conversion Vinyl Pump™,  real home-downloadable vinyl is just a few clicks away. Just connect the LJC vinyl pump to … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Blue (updated)


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 (Update March 23: shades of blue now increased to eight –  three extra rips added at the foot of the post, courtesy of ripmeister Bill H) Fifty Shades of Blue – Kind of Blue, not Blue Notes – ok, and … Continue reading

Plastylite and The Mystery of “9M”


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Plastylite pressed Blue Note, the quality is there for all to hear.  The Plastylite “ear” in the run-out of all their pressings is not much of a mystery, it is a hand-written (cursive, in the jargon)  letter “P“. Problem is, it … Continue reading

Prestige covers continued: the second issues


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Bob Weinstock, ever resourceful, selected many of his prime recordings for a second issue with a new catalogue number and a new cover, and occasionally an altogether new title to snag the unwary. It is worth noting these pairs as they … Continue reading



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BLUE NOTE UNDER-COVER DETECTIVES an occasional post for the Blue Note collector that doesn’t have everything, but would like to. The 12″ microgroove unbreakable record brought record cover art to the fore, and developments in printing technology enabled these new generation covers … Continue reading

Art Blakey: A Night in Tunisia (1957) mono test pressing vs commercial release “stereo”


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 Shoot out with a twist. What was intended to be a two-way shoot out – test press vs  commercial release and mono vs stereo, quickly unravelled when the stereo turned out not to be quite what it said on the cover. … Continue reading

Blue Note and Electronically Rechanneled Stereo


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 Blue Note Fake Stereo ’70s reissues: a public-interest post. For the Blue Note collector with a limited budget, and that is most of us I guess, reissues are an inevitable fact of life. It is also inevitable they will come across reissues which claim … Continue reading

What does a £2,500 record sound like?


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“Audiophile Pete Hutchison has gone to extraordinary lengths to reissue golden era classical recordings in their purest form. He talks to Killian Fox about the price of perfection, the ‘digital con’, and the sound of a truly analogue recording” Anyone … Continue reading

Sonny Rollins Vol 1 (1956) Blue Note/ Music Matters edition


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Selection: Decisions  (Music Matters edition) New rip corrected runtime: 7:58 +2 secs lead-in Artists Donald Byrd (t) Sonny Rollins (ts) Wynton Kelly (p) Gene Ramey (b) Max Roach (d) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, December 16, 1956 Music:  … Continue reading

Weighty Matters


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Everyone should know that audio quality and vinyl weight are not causally related, not that you would guess that from the volume of “180 gram audiophile pressings” burgeoning record shop shelves. The depth of groove is determined during the lacquer master cutting process, and … Continue reading