Lo-cost tweaks

Hi-fi tweaks which make a noticeable  improvement in sound quality for a fairly small investment

Booties: Significant change in the control of bass can be effected by sitting the spikes at the foot of speakers and hifi supports in purpose-made wooden cones (“booties”). Designed to protect wooden floors, these “booties” have the beneficial effect of improving acoustic isolation of hifi components, resulting in a significant improvement bass control and overall sound presentation.


Shorties: special “short-circuiting” phono plugs which, when inserted into the vacant input sockets in the back of amplifiers, make a small but appreciable improvement in sound quality, clearing out low-level background noise from active but unused connections. (Inserting them in output sockets will also make a significant difference – by blowing up your amplifier. You must be absolutely confident which sockets are inputs and which are outputs before procedeeding)

“Focus Rings”: this little tweak made a subtle but definite improvement in the top end. It’s thick felt cut to an O-ring, shaped around the tweeter and super-tweeter. The thick felt absorbs micro-reflections bouncing around the metal tweeter casing, resulting in reduced sibilance and more truthful rendering of the very top-end of the frequency range – most notably cymbal strikes and washes.

You could probably DIY it but these are professionally manufactured to consistent shape and depth of felt, and fit easily supplied with double-sided tape, so you can reposition or remove them if you want.Disappear visually with the speaker fronts on, though they are not disfiguring with them off.Around a tenner. For hifi improvement, thats cheap!

More ideas to follow…

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