LJC Photo-Art

A D V E R T I S E M E N T ——————————————————————————–

New! The exciting new Dyson combo Turnable and Record Cleaning Machine

What could be simpler? No more messy cleaning fluids: simply clean as you play! High precision audio-grade vacuum suction arm fitted with eco-friendly recyclable dust bag. Near-silent operation. Plinth available in a range of woodfinishes to match your listening environment, including knotty pine-cladding, and torture-dungeon black.


LONDON JAZZ  COLLECTOR                                                                             SUNDAY LEISURE SUPPLEMENT

This week, what to do with that VG+ record you bought on eBay that turned out to be VG minus, only to discover the seller doesn’t accept returns.

Collect these invaluable tips each week, yours to keep forever, in a large leather gold-embossed LondonJazzCollector binder.

——————————————————————————————————————– More fantastic creations in Photoshop

1. Blue Note Time – it’s always the right time for a Blue Note. Three music speeds – 33, 45 or classic 78 rpm adjustible DJ timepiece of choice,  deep groove, Lexington address, 180 bpm alarm. Also available with solar power option, (Sun Ra model).

2. Invasion of the Blue Notes.

They came from a Blue Planet in the constellation of Popsike on outer rim of the galaxy: the Vinyl Frontier.

“Set Paypal for Stun, raise California Residents Sales Tax, prepare to snipe!”

“Its no good Cap’n, we are out of credit, and I canna raise any more. It all started in America! (TM). Do we carry any cash?”

Invasion of the jazz collectors. Prepare to bid, set Paypal for stun,

3. Blue Note moon rising over the New York skyline

Cue Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. (Yes, I know it’s not on Blue Note. Don’t spoil the joke).

4. Essential grooming for the man who loves jazz

Screw cap with ear and flat edge, French writing on bottle.

NEW RANGE!  RVG Hackensack – for the discerning record collector



5. Rare! Blue Note T Shirt without the “R”.  XXL, looks largely unworn, a few armpit stains that should wash out. Original Walmart paper bag in pristine condition. A worthy addition to any jazz collector’s underwear drawer. Bid with confidence.

6. The ultimate luxury, authentic Blue Note  coasters (LEX DG FLAT EDGE)

Perfect partner for that rare single malt, cut from rare Blue Note  first pressings sacrificed to make these exclusive  coasters. Order now , very limited stocks, each coaster comes with certificate of authenticity signed personally by Rudy Van Gelder. Horrify  Amaze  your record collecting friends.

7. The T-Shirt for the record collector who has everything

He may have the test pressing of Mobley 1568, he may have a mint original mono pressing of every record in the Blue Note catalogue, but he wont have this T-Shirt – because it doesn’t exist except in my imagination. Rarer than rare.

9. Blue Pizza

Hey you know those clicks and pops? They are just olives and capers! Double cheese on mine, thanks.

another good idea for future



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