6 thoughts on “LJC FORUM

  1. I noticed that the forum is still labeled as “Not Secure.” Wouldn’t it be better to have it running https protocol? That shouldn’t be a problem to change. I’ve noticed that there have recently been some unusual posts again, totally unrelated to jazz – ads for services, long posts in cyrillic alphabets, etc I’ve also noticed that sometimes users will post somewhat personal information (such as their locations, amounts paid for record purchases, etc.), probably not realizing this is not a secure site. For everyone’s benefit it might be better to make it more safe to use. It is a very nice forum.

  2. Hear hear Rudolf. You will have more experience with the Shostakovic String quartets than I do but for me there’s the same challenge struggle, and satisfaction in the listening experience as with the masters of free jazz. Only one copy on CD for me I’m afraid, (Borodin) especially now as I try to rebuild my Jazz collection.

  3. I feel guilty but have to reveal that I also buy classical records. While a jazz lover at heart, I’ve become enamored by Brahms’ piano music. My admiration of the pianist, Julius Katchen,playing on the Decca set from the 60s, is boundless.

    • why feel guilty? Besides fiftiesjazz, my other passion is Chostakovich, his 15 String Quartets and his Symphonies. Have them all on CD, even in various interprétations, so as to compare different approaches. I am trying to find original vinyl copies on the Melodiya label. Found my last copies in Yalta for a very reasonable price (50 Rubles equals less than one euro). Moscow flea markets finds are more expensive. In the West the market for Melodiya is going up continuously, so better buying them in their home country. It is beyond the scope of LJC, but I will personally check on Julius Katchen. Never heard of him, I must admit.

      • I purchased the Katchen collection at an state sale – 8 albums on US London unplayed – for a buck. Great set.

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