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UPDATE May 2023: Free Polls no longer supported  on WordPress,  transferred to Survey Monkey, a monetised add-on. Wrong business model for a “free” music blog, so discontinued. Shame, but comments remain open, as always.


UPDATE: February 2017 – Polldady introduced new rules to the effect that polls may last no longer than one week, so the purpose of this page is defunct as will not be maintained, other that as of historical interest.

Here on LJC, visitors are encouraged to throw in their opinions – not just read mine – and judging from the readership stats, you want your say, so you get it.

Polls have been another fun thing, so put together here, on a permanent page, are all the polls on LJC since I started experimenting with them in April 2013. If you are new to the site, or missed voting, unfortunately Polldaddy has started restricting voting time to just one week .

If you want to catch up on the final score for any Poll topic, at the foot of each poll is a “View Results” function, clicking  will take you to the latest voting results. If you have already voted but are desperate to see your choices higher rank, you could persuade a friend to vote. If you don’t have any friends…

(Most recent at the top, oldest at foot of page)


Best Jazz LP covers (posted December 2015)

Sun Ra most recommended albums (posted December 6, 2014)

Jazz piano trios  – top ten (Posted May 30, 2014)

Most Unwanted Jazz Artists – “Gladiator” Poll (posted May,2,2014)

Thumbs Down to –

Thumbs Up to –

Your five Heros of the Hammond (posted December 15, 2013)

Your top ten trombonists (posted November 10, 2013)

Your ten favourite modern jazz pianists ( Posted November 5, 2013)

( 552 votes cast at November 7, 2103 )

Rollins’ Saxophone Colossus: what’s on your shelf? (Posted October 28, 2013)

(128 votes cast at November 7, 2013)

How do you organise your jazz record collection? (Posted October 12, 2013)

(53 votes cast at November 7, 2013)

Are you a future seller or keeper? (Posted October 9, 2013)

Which type of record collector are you? (Posted October 9, 2013)

How many records in your collection? (Posted September 17, 2013)

168 readers told all, at November 7, 2013

Coltrane’s “Ascension”: like or not like? (Posted August 8, 2013)

Your Top Ten Live Modern Jazz Records (Posted July 7, 2013)

Coltrane’s Blue Train – what’s your vinyl? (Posted July 3 ,2013)

Mingus Newport Rebels: Candid vs Mosaic shootout (June 7, 2013)

Your Ten Favourite Tenor Sax Players (Posted June 4, 2013)

Music Matters vs Original Blue Note:  Rollins 1542 shootout (May 16, 2013)

Your three favourite modern jazz alto sax players (Posted April 23, 2013)

‘Round About Midnight – your favourite version (Posted April 4, 2013)

Like to see more Polls at LJC? (Posted April 10, 2013)

It all started here, it’s all your fault, you wanted more polls, so you got ’em. Who am I to stand against readers wishes?



1 thought on “LJC Reader Polls

  1. Regarding the comparison of different releases of Kenny Dorham’s Philly Twist, there is no doubt in my opinion that the French release is more like an original Blue Note sound although I’ve never heard any of this LP before. Actually, I think it’s superb and must try to get a version as good.


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