Esquire 12″ 32-000 series covers “complete”


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Esquire Covers 32-000 12″ Series

The “complete” 12″ 32-000 series jazz catalogue, which ran to just short of 200 UK first releases, most – though not all – US Prestige licensed. (click to view sets at full screen)

(Sources:WowHiFi, Popsike, Ebay, and my personal collection of 26 Esquire releases)

And the “missing” 32-078 Sonny Stitt: Stitt’s Bits


which somehow got lost in the compilation.


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5 thoughts on “Esquire 12″ 32-000 series covers “complete”

  1. Wish you had included 10-inchers, as well. I also collect 78s and have two 12-inchers recorded at Club 11. Recently bought a 1953 Esquire catalog, which includes all formats. Great resource!


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