Esquire/Prestige stamper match

Prestige stampers match trail-off of Esquire pressing. From the use of Decca/Vogue  inner sleeves,many of these were pressed for Esquire by Decca, though the early series by British Homophone.

32-108 Miles-Davis-Workin-Matrizes-Prestige-vs-Esquire-final--1600

lf the metalwork originates from Abbey Manufacturing N.J., others from a variety of plants use by Prestige, but all Esquires bar one ore two (the Charlie Parker and Lester Young titles) are pressed from US metal derived from original Van Gelder masters.

The same metal-ware distribution system was used for Danish Metronome release of Prestige titles.

The only other examples I have come across of metal-ware sent from the US is an Italian Impulse release (RVG stamp) and some Liberty Blue Notes manufactured in Germany (VAN GELDER stamp)


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