Atlantic “RVG” etching

Courtesy of Dottor Jazz, a picture of a possibly unique appearance of Rudy Van Gelder  initials on an Atlantic release,  Atlantic 1235 Phineas Newborn Here is Phineas (1956)

ATLANTIC-RVG-DOTTORJAZZ---DSCN9156For comparison, a similar period van Gelder etching from Blue Note. The hand is very similar in formation,The “R” follows the same direction of stroke. In both cases the “V” is smaller than the letters either side, whilst the “G” has a separately drawn serif.  Taken as a whole there is a very high probability it is drawn by the same hand.


How interesting, van Gelder credited on the liner notes as engineer (only my Japanese Victor press, sadly)




4 thoughts on “Atlantic “RVG” etching

  1. Found another RVG? in my Atlantic collection. This is the next record to be produced after the Phineas listed above.

    Atlantic 1236 Cy Walter – Rodgers Revisited Mono, Black label US pressing 1957
    Off trail wax reads Side1. AT/D/RVG Side2. AT/E/RVG

    Did we get confirmation that Rudy did some work for Atlantic?

    Thanks for keeping us entertained by your delightful reviews!


    • I found a database of work Rudy had done and these Atlantic pressings were listed. I double checked the copy’s I had for the RVG in the dead wax to no avail.

      1231 Modern Jazz Quartet – Fontessa* (RVG & John Kraus credited on back cover)
      1235 Phineas Newborn Jr. – Here Is Phineas (RVG credited on back cover)
      1242 Milt Jackson – Ballads and Blues* (RVG not credited)
      1258 Lee Konitz – Inside Hi-Fi (RVG credited on back cover)
      1275 George Wallington – Knight Music (RVG credited on back cover)

      *Partialy recorded by RVG

      The 1236 Cy Walter – Rodgers Revisited album with the etched RVG in the dead wax also credits Rudy on the back cover. However, it was not listed in the data base of projects that he had worked on.

      Could 1235 & 1236 be the only Atlantic pressing with the RVG etching?
      These would have been his first 2 for Atlantic as lead engineer. Perhaps he left his mark….


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