Jazzland  – Riversides “other” label – Orange

Budget label, alternative label, tax-minimisation label, possible all three. Labels are both standard LP size 100mm diameter and small 92mm diameter, exact changeover points not known.

10cm-rule-Jazzland-little-and-large-final-ljc-1800px[1]1 – Orange, Deep Groove, 100mm


3.2 Not deep groove 100mm


3.3 Deep Groove 92mm


Picture courtesy of Tony

3.4 Jazzland Stereo DG 100mm

Don Sleet Jazzland Stereo JLP 945S..

Picture courtesy of Nicolas


Another 100mm stereo Jazzland US press, DG on side 2, not on side 1, no AB and no other markings, pressing plant unknown. Nice stereo recording – made in London not US.

Some Jazzland were pressed by Abbey Manufacturing Corp, NJ (“AB”) and possibly others


Though Abbey were famed for excellent pressings for Prestige in the mid to late Fifties, the consistent bold capitalised handwritten AB found on many Prestige title  is of a different hand here in 1961:  thin spidery and feint and of lesser engineering and pressing quality, if it is the same Abbey.

Both US Riverside and Jazzland pressings are sometimes troubled with presence of surface noises attributable to manufacturing issues, possibly second grade blank lacquers, factory cleanliness, process shortcuts, who knows. Neither Bob Weinstock at Prestige (notorious  for use of recycled vinyl on some New Jazz pressings)  nor Orin Keepnews at Riverside seemed on top of manufacturing quality, but focussed rather on cutting the cost of manufacture, sometimes with detrimental results.

  Jazzland – Orpheum Productions – Stereo – Maroon


Orpheum continued to maintain the separate identity of Riverside and Jazzland labels



2 thoughts on “Jazzland

  1. No, rather Riverside to Jazzland is as Prestige to New Jazz. Budget label Status had albums of both PR and NJ origin, and even some new titles, but that is an other story.

  2. What’s the skinny on this label? I own a few of the early releases (picture 1 above). They seem to have been released around the same time as the Riverside counterparts with different covers? I don’t get the point. Seems like Jazzland is to Riverside as Status was to Prestige? I still don’t understand the point of releasing them around the same time with different labels. Seems not too cost effective!
    Is there any value to these as collectible? Mine look and sound great. Thanks!

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