Impulse! Complete 1st Pressing Label Reference Set: Mono (1961-8)

LJC Illustrated Reference Guide to the label of 1st pressings:

Mono A-1 through to A-9165

Last Updated: July 13, 2015

Synopsis by DottorJazz

A-1 to A-33: a product of AM PAR record comp

(A-29 first ABC?, not found on AM PAR)

A-34 to A-100: a product of ABC Paramount records INC

A-1 to A-80 (except A-79-A), A-99, A-100 : NO suffix -A/-B

A-79-A, from A-81-A on: suffix -A/-B

(A-9101?): third in a series without suffix-A/-B, may exist without suffix -A/-B

A-9101-? to A-9132-A, A-9135-A, A-9136-A, A-9143-A: a product of ABC Paramount records INC

(except A-9120-A: a product of ABC records INC New York, N.Y. 10019-made in USA)

WHITE PROMO, orange label not yet found, if exists: no credits, no address

A-9126-A, A-9133-A, A-9137-A, A-9140-A, A-9144-A, A-9147-A,

A-9149-A, A-9150-A, A-9151-A, A-9152-A, A-9153-A, A-9154-A,

A-9155-A, A-9157-A, A-9158-A, A-9159-A, A-9163-A

A-9138-A, A-9142-A: a product of ABC records INC New York, N.Y. 10019-made in USA)

A-9139-A, A-9165-A: later ABC white promo

A-9165-A: LAST IMPULSE MONO? only in later white promo

A-9141-A, A-9145-A, A-9146-A, A-9148-A, A-9156-A, A-9160-A,

A-9164-A: ??, not found

A-9156, A-9161, A-9162, A-9166 and higher STEREO ONLY

 LJC Illustrated Reference Guide: 1st pressing original label Mono 

Pictured, the  label of original first pressing of every title released in mono by Impulse  A-1 through to A-9165.

Click to view full screen at 2000 pixel-wide

A-1 to A-25 : Orange/black ring label, Am Par Record Corp


A-26 to A-50 Transition from Am Par to ABC-Paramount Records Inc.



A-76 to A-100

At A-79, introduction of A/B suffix to catalogue number (except A-80):  A-##-A / A-##-B format.  Any title A-1 to A-78 with A/B suffix (e.g. A-33-A) is a later pressing, not original.



A-9126 to A-9150 Transition from ABC Paramount to ABC Records Inc. Mono increasingly found only on white label destined for radio play/ promo; commercial releases are stereo



Thereafter, AS-9166 and higher, the Impulse imprint became Stereo-only.

A few titles in the run up to A-9165 are not found in mono. The final run of mono releases may only have been white-label promotional copies destined for radio play.

This Guide relates to US pressing. European pressings, which were mastered locally from copy tape ( see ♪), may have continued with mono format for some time, insufficient information has been collected at this time.

Note – exceptionally, a European edition of an Impulse title has been seen bearing  Van Gelder stamp, indicating use of original US metalware . The title in question, Oliver Nelson Blues and The Abstract Truth, may be unique of possible one of a number of Italian Impulse pressed in this way. It was common practice between Prestige and UK Esquire in the late ’50s/ early ’60s so there is a precedent, but it is otherwise a rare form of overseas distribution.


One thought on “Impulse! Complete 1st Pressing Label Reference Set: Mono (1961-8)

  1. For what it’s worth I can verify the existence of orange label mono pressings of the following CAT #s which are not pictured in orange: 9137, 9144, 9145, 9146, 9149, 9150, 9155, 9157 & 9158. I can provide photos of most upon request. Despite the confirmed existence of orange label stereo counterparts I cannot verify the existence of orange label mono pressings of the following CAT #s: 9133, 9139, 9140, 9147, 9151, 9152, 9153, 9159, 9163 & 9164. If anyone has any evidence of orange label mono pressings of any of these 10 releases I would definitely like to see them.

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