Impulse Corporate Inner Sleeve

1. Nov-61 – Jan-62  Am-Par 1st  inner sleeve



Address footer

Am-Par address

2. May – June 1962 (A10 – A14)


3. April – May 1963 (A26-A33)  ABC-Paramount inner sleeve



Address footer:

ABC Paramount address

4. Jun – July 64 (A54-A57) – also found with later titles in 1965



5. March – April 1966  A72 – A93 The New Wave


footer address: 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y.

I am indebted to Denis, intrepid collector and archivist, for contributing photos of inner sleeves previously missing, and sleeve appearance dates

LJC – June 2016


11 thoughts on “Impulse Corporate Inner Sleeve

  1. Does anyone know when the sleeve 5. variant stopped being used? I’ve got a record on the way to me that has that sleeve, and I’m curious. Would it still have been used in 1970?


  2. We might have to move “2. May – June 1962 (A10 – A14)” to include January 1963 as my original “Am-Par” pressing of Coltrane Ballads A-32 has this inner sleeve.


    • The session dates for More Blues is given as November 10-11, 1964, and it is common to see records dated by the session date, as that is well documented. However the time to manufacture and release is later, from a few months to sometimes several years.

      Wiki lists the release date of A75 as February 1965, so I guess that the first pressing of A75 would have been in January 1965. Matching the vinyl with an inner sleeve occurred immediately after pressing, using whichever design of inner sleeve the pressing plant had in stock. A75 is pictured on Design 5, but we don’t know when exactly Design 5 inner sleeve came into use, possibly earlier than the dates suggested by Denis.

      More important, we don’t know when your copy was manufactured. Possibly it is the first pressing, but more copies of A75 could have been manufactured any time, to top up dealer inventories, and they would be bagged in whatever inner sleeve was in use at the time.

      As with all these things, there seem to me to be too many variables to be certain which inner sleeve is “correct”.



  3. My A-21 has sleeve 4 but my A-66 has sleeve 2. My A-85 has sleeve 4, etc. Someone mixed up her sleeves? Unless the provenance can be unambiguously established, isn’t this a fool’s errand,
    or am I missing something? (If a record has a “later” sleeve than “expected,” perhaps it’s a mis-identified later pressing, but if it has an “earlier” sleeve than “expected”….??)


  4. Hi, I don’t really get it. Maybe I’m missing something? The Variants are not sequential and there are big gaps between them. Like betwen A26-A33 and A54-57. Are only those numbers confirmed by other collectors?


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