Impulse: Coltrane on UK HMV

CSD 1605 Love Supreme (UK 196?)


CLP 1548 Africa Brass (19??)


CLP 1590 Live at The Village Vanguard (UK 196?)


CLP 1629 Coltrane (UK 196?)


CLP 1695 Impressions (1963)

CLP 1695 impressions 4by4 1600

CLP 1741 Live at Birdland (UK 1964)



6 thoughts on “Impulse: Coltrane on UK HMV

  1. I have yet another U.K. version (HMV – E.M.I.) of an Impulse album, stereo CSD 1502. Duke and Trane. This one has a light turquoise label with the dog and a gold circle all around. It has a promo sticker on one side (not for sale).


  2. That copy of “A Love Supreme” is from 1969. The giveaways are the double flip-back jacket and labels with “The Gramophone Co.” rim text.


    • I did a quick comparison of my original mono Impulse with my friend’s UK HMV mono. No significant or discernible difference.


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