Impulse Promotional Pack 1970

LJC reader Tracy discovered this rarely seen trade promotional pack for Impulse Records, dating I think from 1970 (if the serial number IMPS 70 AUG is anything to go by). It’s a beauty: sample cover art and gatefolds, which absolutely breathes the turn of the decade, the mood and changing musical directions of the time, spiritual, higher-plane cosmic consciousness, avant-leaning.

I recall reading a Billboard article, I think in relation to Impulse, which referred to sales teams being equipped with a demonstration book, or promotional kit, I don’t recall the exact words, and I can’t find it right now, but I think this what they were referring to. It’s somewhere out among the 30 trillion pages known to Google. Promo copies for radio stations was a well established part of Impulse marketing . I guess this is a logical extension, get record stores to stock all the releases, increase awareness of the new thing coming out of Impulse at that time – avant and spiritual jazz.

LJC thanks Tracy for sending in the photos                                                      (retouching by LJC).