Selective Guide To Capitol Labels

Following the trail of Birth Of The Cool reissues (1957-72)

  1. 1942-+ 10″ example of 10″ Shellac labels, through to mid 60s

Many permutations of colours with the same basic design


2. 1957 Classic Capitol Label 12″ vinyl

3. 1958 – Black/Rainbow Rim, Capitol logo centre top/ on vertical spike

4.1963 Beige/  black sawtooth rim /  Dimensions in Jazz series

5. 1963 Black/ rainbow rim, logo top centre

6. Sample 1966 white label promo

Source: Vinylbeat

7. Circa 1969. Black/rainbow rim/ logo centre top “Duophonic for Stereo Phonograms”

Since BOTC consists of late 40s early 50s mono recordings, some studio trickery has been applied to create artificial stereo.

8. 1969 Green/ Capitol two-colour disc logo top centre/ Duophonic

9. Red/ Capitol two-colour disc logo top centre + Reg

10. 1972 Yellow/ large text “Capitol” logo, bottom run-off, + Reg

For a comprehensive review of all Capitol label variations, a good source is Vinylbeat