His Masters Voice was the essential channel for 60’s  US Impulse recordings to UK  jazz fans. Pressed by EMI, Hayes, they were mastered locally from copy tapes from the US, and therefore lack the RVG stamp found on US Impulse. That aside, they are excellent pressings sonically, and are found in both mono and stereo editions. Though second to and less desirable than original US Impulse of the Am Par and ABC Paramount years, they are vastly superior to the woeful later reissues of  Impulse recordings.(See the UK labels section under the Impulse label guide)

Aside from Impulse, HMV had an active Jazz catalogue in its own right publishing Verve Recordings.

HMV Stereo Pale blue/Gold rim/ Nipper – Verve


HMV Verve Series (purple/ gold font) mono UK  1961


Classic large Nipper on Red label


More…as I get around to it.


3 thoughts on “HMV

  1. Does anyone know Primary research that has been done by a company regarding vinyl. There will be a reward on any information leading to the answer, wanted quick or in-depth


  2. Any comments or comparisons sound-quality wise comparing US Verve vs the UK HMV Verve releases? The HMV are often easier to obtain. I don’t have any Jazz HMV, but my early Verve labels (all are black with a silver T) sound nice- but a few are crackly although visually they are fine.


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