Blue Note

Last updated: June 27, 2016

Blue Note Records: Index and links to LJC Collector's Guide pages

Blue Note records at auctions

Blue Note Records labels: complete reference guide

Blue Note recordings

Blue Note vinyl – what to look for

Blue Note covers – what to look for

Blue Note Records history after 1966

Blue Note collectors reference

Blue Note catalogue – listings

Blue Note Records overseas markets

Start: | guide to the Blue Note labels


4 thoughts on “Blue Note

  1. I used your BLue Note guide just today to pick up a DivLib Labeled copy of Horace Silver Quintet’s “Gotta Take A Little Love”. Thanks again for having this posted.

    What are your opinions, hopes and fears regarding the upcoming Blue Note 75th Anniversary reissues? I’ve preordered Blue Train and Out To Lunch because I figure they will be easy benchmarks.


    • OMG 75th anniversary ? I guess it depends how satisfied you are with what you already have. If the fragrant Mrs LJC and I reach our 75th anniversary, I hope neither of us will be looking to trade up to an improved model!

      I am always on the lookout for a better copy of just a few favourite titles, otherwise I am content with what I have. I confess my NY Blue Train about does it for me, as does my 1st press of Out to Lunch. But I am still on the lookout for Volume Two, Miles in Person at the Blackhawk Saturday Night, stereo Six Eye. Mobley!


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