Blue Note recordings: date of session and release

Date of recording session (last)  , month  and year commercial release

Source: Schwann Catalogues (research by Cuscuna/Cohen)

BN  ARTIST                                   TITLE                       SESSION  RELEASE   (M)  (ST)

1501 Miles Davis Miles Davis Vol. 1 20-Apr-53 Nov-55
1502 Miles Davis Miles Davis Vol. 2 06-Mar-54 Feb-56
1503 Bud Powell The amazing B. Powell Vol. 1 01-May-51 Dec-55
1504 Bud Powell The amazing B. Powell Vol. 2 14-Aug-53
1505 Jay Jay Johnson The eminent Vol. 1 24-Sep-54 Jan-56
1506 Jay Jay Johnson The eminent Vol. 2 06-Jun-55 Jun-56
1507 The Jazz Messengers At the Cafè Bohemia Vol. 1 23-Nov-55 Jan-56
1508 The Jazz Messengers At the Cafè Bohemia Vol. 2 23-Nov-55 May-56
1509 Milt Jackson With the T. Monk quintet 07-Apr-52 Mar-56
1510 Thelonious Monk Genius of modern music Vol. 1 21-Nov-47 Mar-56
1511 Thelonious Monk Genius of modern music Vol. 2 30-May-52 Aug-56
1512 Jimmy Smith A new sound- a new star Vol. 1 18-Feb-56 Mar-56
1513 Thad Jones Detroit-New York junction 13-Mar-56 May-56
1514 Jimmy Smith A new sound- a new star 11-Mar-56 Apr-56
1515 Jutta Hipp At the Hickory House Vol. 1 05-Apr-56 May-56
1516 Jutta Hipp At the Hickory House Vol. 2 05-Apr-56 Sep-57
1517 Gil Melle Patterns in jazz 01-Apr-56 Aug-56
1518 Horace Silver And the Jazz Messengers 06-Feb-55 Jul-56
1519 Herbie Nichols Trio 19-Apr-56 Aug-56
1520 Horace Silver Trio 23-Nov-53 Oct-56
1521 Art Blakey A night at Birdland Vol. 1 21-Feb-54 Jul-56
1522 Art Blakey A night at Birdland Vol. 2 21-Feb-54 Sep-56
1523 Kenny Burrell Introducing 30-May-56 Jul-56
1524 Kenny Dorham ‘Round about midnight at the Cafè Bohemia 31-May-56 Oct-56
1525 Jimmy Smith At the organ Vol. 3 17-Jun-56 Aug-56
1526 Clifford Brown Memorial album 28-Aug-53 Jul-56
1527 Thad Jones The magnificent T. Jones 14-Jul-56 Oct-56
1528 Jimmy Smith At club Baby Grand Vol. 1 04-Aug-56 Dec-56
1529 Jimmy Smith At club Baby Grand Vol. 2 04-Aug-56 Feb-57
1530 Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims 28-Jul-56 Feb-57
1531 Fats Navarro The fabulous Vol. 1 09-Aug-49 Jan-57
1532 Fats Navarro The fabulous Vol. 2 11-Oct-48 Apr-57
1533 Johnny Griffin Introducing 17-Apr-56 Nov-56
1534 Paul Chambers Whims of Chambers 21-Sep-56 Nov-56
1535 Kenny Dorham Afro Cuban 29-Mar-55 Mar-57
1536 J. R. Monterose J. R. Monterose 21-Oct-56 Dec-56
1537 Lou Donaldson Quartet Quintet Sextet 19-Nov-52 Feb-57
1538 Lee Morgan Indeed 04-Nov-56 Dec-56
1539 Horace Silver 6 pieces of silver 10-Nov-56 Nov-56
1540 Hank Mobley Featuring D. Byrd and L. Morgan 25-Nov-56 Jan-57
1541 Lee Morgan Sextet 02-Dec-56 Apr-57
1542 Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins 16-Dec-56 Jan-57
1543 Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell 30-May-56 Mar-57
1544 Hank Mobley And his all stars 13-Jan-57 Mar-57
1545 Lou Donaldson Wailing with Lou 27-Jan-55 Apr-57
1546 Thad Jones Vol. 3 02-Feb-57 May-57
1547 Jimmy Smith A date with J. S. Vol. 1 13-Feb-57 May-57
1548 Jimmy Smith A date with J. S. Vol. 2 11-Feb-57 Sep-57
1549 Cliff Jordan- John Gilmore Blowin’ in from Chicago 03-Mar-57 May-57
1550 Hank Mobley Quintet 08-Mar-57 Jun-57
1551 Jimmy Smith At the organ Vol. 1 12-Feb-57 Dec-57
1552 Jimmy Smith At the organ Vol. 2 13-Feb-57 Jun-58
1554 Art Blakey Orgy in rhythm Vol. 1 07-Mar-57 May-57 Aug-59
1555 Art Blakey Orgy in rhythm Vol. 2 07-Mar-57 Aug-57
1556 Jimmy Smith The sounds of J. S. 13-Feb-57 Jun-59
1557 Lee Morgan Vol. 3 24-Mar-57 Jul-57
1558 Sonny Rollins Vol. 2 14-Apr-57 Sep-57
1559 Johnny Griffin A blowin’ session 06-Apr-57 Aug-57
1560 Hank Mobley Sextet 21-Apr-57 Oct-57
1561 Sabu Martinez Palo Congo 27-Apr-57 Jul-57
1562 Horace Silver The stylings of Silver 08-May-57 Jul-57
1563 Jimmy Smith Plays pretty just for you 08-May-57 Aug-57 Jul-59
1564 Paul Chambers Quintet 19-May-57 Feb-58
1565 Cliff Jordan Cliff Jordan 02-Jun-57 Oct-57
1566 Lou Donaldson Swing and soul 09-Jun-57 Oct-57
1567 Curtis Fuller The opener 16-Jun-57 Aug-57
1568 Hank Mobley Hank Mobley 23-Jun-57 Apr-58
1569 Paul Chambers Bass on top 14-Jul-57 Sep-57
1570 Sonny Clark Dial “S” for Sonny 21-Jul-57 Oct-57
1571 Bud Powell Bud ! 03-Aug-57 Sep-57
1572 Curtis Fuller Bone & bari 04-Aug-57 Nov-57
1573 John Jenkins John Jenkins 11-Aug-57 Dec-57
1574 Hank Mobley Peckin’ time 09-Feb-58 Nov-59
1575 Lee Morgan City lights 25-Aug-57 Apr-58
1576 Sonny Clark Sonny’ s crib 01-Sep-57 Jan-58
1577 John Coltrane Blue Train 15-Sep-57 Nov-57 Jun-60
1578 Lee Morgan The cooker 29-Sep-57 Nov-57
1579 Sonny Clark Trio 13-Sep-57 Mar-58
1580 Johnny Griffin The congregation 23-Oct-57 Jan-58
1581 Sonny Rollins A night at the Village Vanguard 03-Nov-57 Dec-57
1582 Cliff Jordan Cliff craft 10-Nov-57 Jan-58
1583 Curtis Fuller Vol. 3 01-Dec-57 Dec-60
1584 Louis Smith Here comes Louis Smith 04-Feb-58 Feb-58
1585 Jimmy Smith Groovin’ at Smalls’ Paradise Vol. 1 15-Nov-57 Mar-58
1586 Jimmy Smith Groovin’ at Smalls’ Paradise Vol. 2 15-Nov-57 Aug-58
1587 Bennie Green Back on the scene 23-Mar-58 Apr-58
1588 Sonny Clark Cool struttin’ 05-Jan-58 Aug-58
1589 Horace Silver Further explorations 13-Jan-58 Mar-58
1590 Lee Morgan Candy 02-Feb-58 Sep-58
1591 Lou Donaldson Lou takes off 15-Dec-57 May-58
1592 Sonny Clark – [unissued] 08-Dec-57
1593 Lou Donaldson Blues walk 28-Jul-58 Jun-59
1594 Louis Smith Smithville 30-Mar-58 Jun-58
1595 Cannonball Adderley Somethin’ else 09-Mar-58 May-58 May-59
1596 Kenny Burrell Blue lights Vol. 1 14-May-58 Jul-58
1597 Kenny Burrell Blue lights Vol. 2 14-May-58 Oct-61
1598 Bud Powell Time waits 25-May-58 Nov-58
1599 Bennie Green Soul stirrin’ 28-Apr-58 Jul-58
4001 Sonny Rollins Newk’s Time 22-Sep-57 Jan-59
4002 Jimmy Smith House Party 25-Feb-57 Nov-58
4003 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Moanin’ 30-Oct-58 Nov-58 May-59
4004 Art Blakey Holiday for Skins, Volume 1 09-Nov-58 Apr-59
4005 Art Blakey Holiday for Skins, Volume 2 09-Nov-58 Dec-59
4006 Dizzy Reece Blues in Trinity 24-Aug-58 Apr-59
4007 Donald Byrd Off to the Races 21-Dec-58 Jan-59
4008 Horace Silver Quintet Finger Poppin’ 01-Feb-59 Feb-59 May-59
4009 Bud Powell Volume 5 The Scene Changes 29-Dec-58 Jul-59
4010 Bennie Green Walkin’ and Talkin’ 25-Jan-59 Feb-59
4011 Jimmy Smith The Sermon 25-Feb-58 Nov-59 Apr-60
4012 Lou Donaldson Lou Donaldson with the Three Sounds 18-Feb-59 Aug-59
4013 Jackie McLean New Soil 02-May-59 Jul-59 Sep-59
4014 The Three Sounds Bottoms Up 11-Feb-59 May-59 May-60
4015 Art Blakey At the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 1 15-Apr-59 Aug-59 Mar-60
4016 Art Blakey At the Jazz Corner of the World, Volume 2 15-Apr-59 Oct-60 Jan-61
4017 Horace Silver Blowin’ the Blues Away 13-Sep-59 Oct-59 Dec-59
4018 Walter Davis Davis Cup 02-Aug-59 Apr-60
4019 Donald Byrd Byrd in Hand 31-May-59 Dec-59
4020 The Three Sounds Good Deal 20-May-59 Jan-60
4021 Kenny Burrell At the Five Spot 25-Aug-59 Feb-60
4022 Duke Pearson Profile 25-Oct-59 Feb-60
4023 Dizzy Reece Star Bright 19-Nov-59 Jan-60
4024 Jackie McLean Swing, Swang, Swingin’ 20-Oct-59 Feb-60
4025 Lou Donaldson The Time is Right 28-Nov-59 Mar-60
4026 Donald Byrd Fuego 04-Oct-59 Jun-60 Sep-61
4027 Freddie Redd Music from “The Connection” 15-Feb-60 Mar-60 Nov-60
4028 Horace Parlan Movin’ and Groovin’ 29-Feb-60 Apr-60
4029 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers The Big Beat 06-Mar-60 May-60 Jul-60
4030 Jimmy Smith Crazy Baby 04-Jan-60 Jun-60 Aug-60
4031 Hank Mobley Soul Station 07-Feb-60 Aug-60
4032 Sonny Red Out of the Blue 23-Jan-60 May-60
4033 Dizzy Reece Soundin’ Off 12-May-60 Aug-60
4034 Lee Morgan Leeway 28-Apr-60 Mar-61
4035 Duke Pearson Tender Feelin’s 16-Dec-59 Feb-61
4036 Lou Donaldson Sunny Side Up 28-Feb-60 Dec-60
4037 Horace Parlan Us Three 20-Apr-60 Mar-61
4038 Jackie McLean Capuchin Swing 17-Apr-60 Nov-60
4039 Stanley Turrentine Look Out! 18-Jun-60 Sep-60
4040 Freddie Hubbard Open Sesame 19-Jun-60 Sep-60
4041 Tina Brooks True Blue 25-Jun-60 Oct-60
4042 Horace Silver Quintet Horace Scope 09-Jul-60 Sep-60 Oct-60
4043 Horace Parlan Speakin’ My Piece 14-Jul-60 Nov-60
4044 The Three Sounds Moods 28-Jun-60 Oct-60 Dec-60
4045 Freddie Redd Shades of Redd 13-Aug-60 Mar-61
4046 Duke Jordan Flight to Jordan 04-Aug-60 May-61
4047 Art Taylor A. T.’s Delight 06-Aug-60 Jan-61
4048 Donald Byrd Byrd in Flight 10-Jul-60 Jan-61
4049 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers A Night in Tunisia 14-Aug-60 Feb-61 Mar-61
4050 Jimmy Smith Home Cookin’ 16-Jun-59 Jan-61 Feb-61
4051 Jackie McLean Jackie’s Bag 18-Jan-59 May-61
4052 Tina Brooks Back to the Tracks [unissued] 20-Oct-60
4053 Lou Donaldson Lightfoot 14-Dec-58 Jun-61
4054 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Meet You…, Volume 1 14-Sep-60 Jul-61 Oct-61
4055 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Meet You…, Volume 2 14-Sep-60 Apr-62 May-62
4056 Freddie Hubbard Goin’ Up 06-Nov-60 May-61
4057 Stanley Turrentine with the Three Sounds Blue Hour 16-Dec-60 Feb-61 Aug-61
4058 Hank Mobley Roll Call 13-Nov-60 Jun-61 Sep-61
4059 Kenny Drew Undercurrent 11-Dec-60 May-61
4060 Donald Byrd At the Half Note Cafe, Volume 1 11-Dec-60 Jul-61 Nov-61
4061 Donald Byrd At the Half Note Cafe, Volume 2 11-Dec-60 Nov-63 Nov-63
4062 Horace Parlan Headin’ South 06-Dec-60 May-62
4063 Kenny Dorham Whistle Stop 15-Jan-61 Jun-61
4064 Grant Green Grant’s First Stand 28-Jan-61 May-61
4065 Stanley Turrentine Comin’ Your Way [unissued] 20-Jan-61
4066 Lou Donaldson Here ‘Tis 23-Jan-61 Nov-61 Jun-62
4067 Jackie McLean Bluesnik 08-Jan-61 Jan-62 Apr-62
4068 Baby Face Willette Face to Face 30-Jan-61 May-61
4069 Stanley Turrentine Up at Minton’s, Volume 1 23-Feb-61 Aug-61 Dec-61
4070 Stanley Turrentine Up at Minton’s, Volume 2 23-Feb-61 Dec-62 Dec-62
4071 Grant Green Green Street 01-Apr-61 Sep-61
4072 The Three Sounds Feelin’ Good 28-Jun-60 Sep-61 Nov-61
4073 Freddie Hubbard Hub Cap 09-Apr-61
4074 Horace Parlan On the Spur of the Moment 18-Mar-61 Oct-61
4075 Donald Byrd The Cat Walk 02-May-61 Jan-62 Apr-62
4076 Horace Silver Quintet Doin’ the Thing 20-May-61 Aug-61
4077 Dexter Gordon Doin’ Allright 06-May-61 Oct-61
4078 Jimmy Smith Midnight Special 25-Apr-60 Oct-61 Nov-61
4079 Lou Donaldson Gravy Train 27-Apr-61 Jun-62
4080 Hank Mobley Workout 26-Mar-61 Feb-62 Apr-62
4081 Stanley Turrentine Dearly Beloved 08-Jun-61 Jan-62 Feb-62
4082 Horace Parlan Up and Down 18-Jun-61 Mar-63 Mar-63
4083 Dexter Gordon Dexter Calling 09-May-61 Dec-61 Jan-62
4084 Baby Face Willette Stop and Listen 22-May-61 Apr-62
4085 Freddie Hubbard Ready for Freddie 21-Aug-61 Apr-62 May-62
4086 Grant Green Grantstand 01-Aug-61 Feb-62 Apr-62
4087 Leo Parker Let Me Tell You ‘Bout It 09-Sep-61 Nov-61 Feb-62
4088 The Three Sounds Here We Come 14-Dec-60 Jan-62 Jan-62
4089 Jackie McLean A Fickle Sonance 26-Oct-61 Oct-62 Oct-62
4090 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Mosaic 02-Oct-61 Dec-61 Dec-61
4091 Sonny Clark Leapin’ and Lopin’ 13-Nov-61 Apr-62 May-62
4092 Kenny Clarke The Golden Eight 19-May-61 Jun-62
4093 Ike Quebec Heavy Soul 26-Nov-61 Feb-62 Apr-62
4094 Fred Jackson Hootin’ ‘n’ Tootin’ 05-Feb-62 May-62
4095 Leo Parker Rollin’ with Leo 20-Oct-61
4096 Stanley Turrentine That’s Where It’s At 02-Jan-62 Aug-62 Aug-62
4097 Art Blakey The African Beat 24-Jan-62 Oct-62 Oct-62
4098 Ike Quebec Blue and Sentimental 23-Dec-61 May-63 May-63
4099 Grant Green Sunday Morning 04-Jun-61 Oct-62 Oct-62
4100 Jimmy Smith Plays Fats Waller 23-Jan-62 Jul-62 Jul-62
4101 Donald Byrd Royal Flush 21-Sep-61 Aug-62 Aug-62
4102 The Three Sounds Hey There 13-Aug-61 Aug-62 Aug-62
4103 Ike Quebec Congo Lament 20-Jan-62
4104 Art Blakey Buhaina’s Delight 18-Dec-61 Jun-63 Jun-63
4105 Ike Quebec It Might as Well Be Spring 09-Dec-61 Jun-64 Jun-64
4106 Jackie McLean Let Freedom Ring 19-Mar-62 Apr-63 Apr-63
4107 Don Wilkerson Preach Brother! 18-Jun-62 Sep-62 Sep-62
4108 Lou Donaldson The Natural Soul 09-May-62 Feb-63 Feb-63
4109 Herbie Hancock Takin’ Off 28-May-62 Sep-62 Sep-62
4110 Horace Silver The Tokyo Blues 14-Jul-62 Sep-62 Sep-62
4111 Grant Green The Latin Bit 26-Apr-62 Apr-63 Apr-63
4112 Dexter Gordon Go 27-Aug-62 Nov-62 Nov-62
4113 Freddie Roach Down to Earth 23-Aug-62 Nov-62 Nov-62
4114 Ike Quebec Bossa Nova Soul Samba 05-Oct-62 Nov-62 Nov-62
4115 Freddie Hubbard Hub Tones 10-Oct-62 Oct-63 Oct-63
4116 Jackie McLean The Jackie McLean Quintet 14-Jun-62
4117 Jimmy Smith Back at the Chicken Shack 25-Apr-60 Jan-63 Jan-63
4118 Donald Byrd Free Form 11-Dec-61
4119 Charlie Rouse Bossa Nova Bacchanal 26-Nov-62 Jan-63 Jan-63
4120 The Three Sounds It Just Got to Be 14-Dec-60 May-63 May-63
4121 Don Wilkerson Elder Don 03-May-62 Feb-63 Feb-63
4122 Stanley Turrentine Jubilee Shout 18-Oct-62
4123 Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue 08-Jan-63 Mar-63 Mar-63
4124 Donald Byrd A New Perspective 12-Jan-63 Jan-64 Jan-64
4125 Lou Donaldson Good Gracious 24-Jan-63 May-64 May-64
4126 Herbie Hancock My Point of View 19-Mar-63 Aug-63 Aug-63
4127 Kenny Dorham Una Mas 01-Apr-63 Dec-63 Dec-63
4128 Freddie Roach Mo’ Greens Please 11-Mar-63 Jun-63 Jun-63
4129 Stanley Turrentine Never Let Me Go 13-Feb-63 Oct-63 Oct-63
4130 Big John Patton Along Came John 05-Apr-63 Jul-63 Jul-63
4131 Horace Silver Silver’s Serenade 08-May-63 Jul-63 Jul-63
4132 Grant Green Feelin’ the Spirit 21-Dec-62 Sep-63 Sep-63
4133 Dexter Gordon A Swingin’ Affair 29-Aug-62 Aug-64 Aug-64
4134 Horace Parlan Happy Frame of Mind 15-Feb-63
4135 Freddie Hubbard Here to Stay 27-Dec-62
4136 Solomon Ilori African High Life 25-Apr-63 Aug-63 Aug-63
4137 Jackie McLean One Step Beyond 30-Apr-63 Dec-63 Dec-63
4138 Harold Vick Steppin’ Out 27-May-63 Jan-64 Jan-64
4139 Grant Green Am I Blue 16-May-63 Jun-64 Jun-64
4140 Joe Henderson Page One 03-Jun-63 Sep-63 Sep-63
4141 Jimmy Smith Rockin’ the Boat 07-Feb-63 Sep-63 Sep-63
4142 Blue Mitchell Step Lightly 13-Aug-63
4143 John Patton Blue John 02-Aug-63
4144 Johnny Coles Little Johnny C 09-Aug-63 Feb-64 Feb-64
4145 Don Wilkerson Shoutin’ 29-Jul-63 May-65 May-65
4146 Dexter Gordon Our Man in Paris 23-May-63 Nov-63 Nov-63
4147 Herbie Hancock Inventions and Dimensions 30-Aug-63 Feb-64 Feb-64
4148 George Braith Two Souls in One 04-Sep-63 Nov-63 Nov-63
4149 Hank Mobley No Room for Squares 02-Oct-63 May-64 May-64
4150 Stanley Turrentine A Chip Off the Old Block 21-Oct-63 Jul-64 Jul-64
4151 Andrew Hill Black Fire 09-Nov-63 Mar-64 Mar-64
4152 Joe Henderson Our Thing 09-Sep-63 Apr-64 Apr-64
4153 Grachan Moncur III Evolution 21-Nov-63 Mar-64 Mar-64
4154 Grant Green Idle Moments 15-Nov-63 Jan-65 Jan-65
4155 The Three Sounds Black Orchid 08-Mar-62 Mar-64 Mar-64
4156 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers The Freedom Rider 27-May-61 Feb-64 Feb-64
4157 Lee Morgan The Sidewinder 21-Dec-63 Jul-64 Jul-64
4158 Freddie Roach Good Move 09-Dec-63 Apr-64 Apr-64
4159 Andrew Hill Judgment! 08-Jan-64 Sep-64 Sep-64
4160 Andrew Hill Smoke Stack 13-Dec-63
4161 George Braith Soul Stream 16-Dec-63 Apr-64 Apr-64
4162 Stanley Turrentine Hustlin’ 24-Jan-64 Mar-65 Mar-65
4163 Eric Dolphy Out To Lunch 25-Feb-64 Aug-64 Aug-64
4164 Jimmy Smith Prayer Meetin’ 08-Feb-63 Jun-64 Jun-64
4165 Jackie McLean Destination… Out! 20-Sep-63 Oct-64 Oct-64
4166 Joe Henderson In ‘n Out 10-Apr-64 Jan-65 Jan-65
4167 Andrew Hill Point of Departure 21-Mar-64 Apr-65 Apr-65
4168 Freddie Roach Brown Sugar 19-Mar-64 Nov-64 Nov-64
4169 Lee Morgan Search for the New Land 15-Feb-64
4170 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Free For All 10-Feb-64 Jul-65 Jul-65
4171 George Braith Extension 27-Mar-64
4172 Freddie Hubbard Breaking Point 07-May-64 Aug-64 Aug-64
4173 Wayne Shorter Night Dreamer 29-Apr-64 Sep-64 Sep-64
4174 Big John Patton The Way I Feel 19-Jun-64 Oct-64 Oct-64
4175 Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles 17-Jun-64 Nov-64 Nov-64
4176 Dexter Gordon One Flight Up 02-Jun-64 Aug-65 Aug-65
4177 Grachan Moncur III Some Other Stuff 06-Jul-64 Jan-65 Jan-65
4178 Blue Mitchell The Thing to Do 30-Jul-64 May-65 May-65
4179 Jackie McLean It’s Time! 05-Aug-64 Jun-65 Jun-65
4180 Anthony Williams Life Time 24-Aug-64 Dec-64 Dec-64
4181 Kenny Dorham Trompeta Toccata 14-Sep-64 Jul-65 Jul-65
4182 Wayne Shorter Juju 03-Aug-64 May-65 May-65
4183 Grant Green Talkin’ About! 11-Sep-64 Sep-65 Sep-65
4184 Sam Rivers Fuchsia Swing Song 11-Dec-64 Mar-65 Mar-65
4185 Horace Silver Song for My Father 26-Oct-64 Dec-64 Dec-64
4186 Hank Mobley The Turnaround! 05-Feb-65 Jun-65 Jun-65
4187 Larry Young Into Somethin’ 12-Nov-64 Feb-65 Feb-65
4188 Donald Byrd I’m Tryin’ to Get Home 18-Dec-64 Feb-65 Feb-65
4189 Joe Henderson Inner Urge 30-Nov-64
4190 Freddie Roach All That’s Good 16-Oct-64 Aug-65 Aug-65
4191 Duke Pearson Wahoo! 21-Nov-64
4192 Big John Patton Oh Baby! 08-Mar-65 Dec-65 Dec-65
4193 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Indestructible 15-May-64
4194 Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil 24-Dec-64
4195 Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage 17-Mar-65
4196 Freddie Hubbard Blue Spirits 19-Feb-65
4197 The Three Sounds Out of This World 08-Mar-62
4198 Bobby Hutcherson Dialogue 03-Apr-65 Aug-65 Aug-65
4199 Lee Morgan The Rumproller 21-Apr-65 Dec-65 Dec-65
4200 Jimmy Smith Softly as a Summer Breeze 28-Feb-58 Nov-65 Nov-65
4201 Stanley Turrentine Joyride 14-Apr-65 Sep-65 Sep-65
4202 Grant Green I Want to Hold Your Hand 31-Mar-65
4203 Andrew Hill Andrew! 25-Jun-64
4204 Dexter Gordon Gettin’ Around 29-May-65
4205 Pete LaRoca Basra 19-May-65 Sep-65 Sep-65
4206 Sam Rivers Contours 21-May-65
4207 Freddie Hubbard The Night of the Cookers, Volume 1 10-Apr-65 Nov-65 Nov-65
4208 Freddie Hubbard The Night of the Cookers, Volume 2 09-Apr-65
4209 Hank Mobley Dippin’ 18-Jun-65
4210 Ornette Coleman Town Hall Concert [unissued] 21-Dec-62
4211 Ornette Coleman Town Hall Concert [unissued] 21-Dec-62
4212 Lee Morgan The Gigolo 01-Jul-65
4213 Bobby Hutcherson Components 10-Jun-65
4214 Blue Mitchell Down with It 14-Jul-65
4215 Jackie McLean Right Now 29-Jan-65
4216 Anthony Williams Spring 12-Aug-65
4217 Andrew Hill Compulsion 08-Oct-65
4218 Jackie McLean Action 16-Sep-64
4219 Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye 15-Oct-65
4220 Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues 01-Oct-65 Dec-65 Dec-65
4221 Larry Young Unity 10-Nov-65
4222 Lee Morgan Cornbread 18-Sep-65
4223 Jackie McLean Jacknife [Unissued] 24-Sep-65
4224 Ornette Coleman At the “Golden Circle,” Volume 1 03-Dec-65
4225 Ornette Coleman At the “Golden Circle,” Volume 2 04-Dec-65
4226 Don Cherry Complete Communion 24-Dec-65
4227 Joe Henderson Mode for Joe 27-Jan-66
4228 Blue Mitchell Bring it on Home 06-Jan-66
4229 John Patton Got a Good Thing Goin’ 29-Apr-66
4230 Hank Mobley A Caddy for Daddy 18-Dec-65
4231 Bobby Hutcherson Happenings 08-Feb-66
4232 Wayne Shorter Adam’s Apple 24-Feb-66
4233 Andrew Hill Involution [unissued] 07-Mar-66
4234 Stanley Turrentine In Memory Of [unissued] 04-Sep-64
4235 Jimmy Smith Bucket! 01-Feb-63
4236 Jackie McLean High Frequency [unissued] 18-Apr-66
4237 Cecil Taylor Unit Structures 19-May-66
4238 Donald Byrd Mustang! 24-Jun-66
4239 John Patton Let ‘Em Roll 11-Dec-65
4240 Stanley Turrentine Rough ‘n Tumble 01-Jul-66
4241 Hank Mobley A Slice of the Top [unissued] 17-Jun-66
4242 Larry Young Of Love and Peace 28-Jul-66
4243 Lee Morgan Delightfulee Morgan 27-May-66
4244 Bobby Hutcherson Stick Up! 14-Jul-66
4245 Art Blakey Like Someone in Love 14-Aug-60
4246 Ornette Coleman The Empty Foxhole 09-Sep-66
4247 Don Cherry Symphony for Improvisers 19-Sep-66
4248 The Three Sounds Vibrations 25-Oct-66
4249 Sam Rivers A New Conception 11-Oct-66
4250 Horace Silver The Jody Grind 23-Nov-66

2 thoughts on “Blue Note recordings: date of session and release

  1. What would be really great is to get a list of the number of pressing runs for each Blue Note release, does anyone have this kind of info? I know they say 1568 had a low pressing number (500??), but what about the rest? I figure just based on price and popularity that the first pressing runs of Jimmy Smith albums were a lot. I would like to know what the pressing run for 4013, 4047, and 4071 are.

    • Jeez, Holy Grail information. To my knowledge there is no authoritative record of the volume of sales of any Blue Note title other than speculative estimates of a few warhorse titles, like 700 copies of 1568, which is used to explain its rareity value. If anyone had good information you would know it. If it’s unknown/ speculative that is a good indication it is unknown.

      If I had the time and patience, which I don’t, I would take the 90th percentile of Popsike-published price of each title as a measure of it’s scarcity.

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