Prestige catalogue

Original Prestige Catalogue  7000 – 7179:  listing by catalogue number and artist

scans courtesy of Matty


scans courtesy of Matty


6 thoughts on “Prestige catalogue

  1. about this time Prestige started their “re-issue” alias re-packaging programme. One will notice the absence of Stan Getz 7002, which was issued about this time as “Long Island Sound”. New Jazz 8214. The first example of New Jazz going wrong. No new jazz at all, the second being 8215 (Gil Evans = PrLp7120), the third 8227 (Ray Bryant = PrLp 7098).
    Birkajazz did a lovely thing.


    • Hi Rudolf, I just came across your comment above with regard to Long Island Sound, and New Jazz going wrong, can you please explain what you mean here. Are you referring to the New Jazz cover, but Prestige labels? I have seen what I thought was the wrong cover with the wrong album, but seeing your comment I wonder if they are correctly together?


      • Hi Mike, my remark was in the context of a Prestige catalogue of 1958/’59 I guess. You see it hereinabove. 7002 is not there. Why, because Prestige had just started their “New Jazz” label. My point was that, whilst one would expect new recordings, Bob Weinstock, almost from the beginning, began to issue old material as new jazz. The first one was 8214. He went wrong in the sense of misleading buyers.
        This being said, the vinyl quality of these early New Jazz pressings is very good. I can compare with the original Prestige pressings. My copy of “Long Island Sound” is a favourite of mine, I cherish it. It has a nicer cover than the Parent picture of Stan on 7002.


        • Many thanks for your insight Rudolf, you are a wealth of information!
          I had no idea that 8214 was the first New Jazz “reissue”, and furthermore, it had never occurred to me until you mentioned it, that Bob Weinstock was actually misleading the consumer in that way; but you are quite right about this.
          Unfortunately I don’t own a copy of “Long Island Sound” or “Quartets”, but hopefully will do so before too long so I can make the comparison also.
          The only New Jazz album i have is Ken McKintyre with Eric Dolphy, Looking Ahead (8247), in great shape, but in some parts not always an easy listen.
          Again my gratitude for your reply. Cheers, Mike


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