Prestige Inner Sleeves

Reader David J contributes Prestige Inner Sleeves:

“I noticed that some of my records from around 61/62 on the Prestige labels have printed inner sleeves. The records are 7188 Lush Life and Moodsville 18 Nice an Cool. This, by itself, may not be of interest, but the inner’s are totally different. The Prestige inner has maroon print while the Moodsville has blue print. Also, the records shown on each, which are entirely Prestige (no subsidiary labels) are totally different. I have a printed inner from a record on the Bluesville subsidiary (1018 from 1961), The interesting thing about this inner is that it is exactly the same as the one from Moodsville.


I have two working hypothesis: 1) all the subsidiaries get the blue print inner, while the maroon print inners go with Prestige pressings; or 2) there is something else like printing plant or press date, that determines which records go with which records. I don’t have a large enough sample size to form an opinion, but It looks like another mystery.”

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