“Prestige” Elsewhere

  1. Microfon ,Prestige Argentina, South America label, Bergenfield address, deep groove.

Sent in by LJC reader, thanks, keep Buenos Aires boppin’.

Prestige Microfon label Argentina SA.jpg

2. Prestige Records, Australia

Just when think you have seen it all. LJC scout Tony turns up a Prestige that isn’t.


Photo credit: Tony S

Its Prestige but not as we know it, all the way from Australia, that great country that gave us…umm…Australians.


Photo credit:  Michael Fitzgerald

It would seem to have no connection with Bob Weinstock’s Prestige Records,  with an interesting interpretation of trademark protection.

3. New Zealand

Reader Ian S has turned up these Peake Record licensed from Prestige , which unusually, are pressed with Van Gelder metal



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