RCA Victor UK, Europe and Japan

UK RCA Labels

1.1. UK RCA Victor – New Orthophonic – 1962


1.2 RCA UK Living Stereo – Stereo Orthophonic – 1963


1.2 UK RCA Victor – Dynagroove – 1964


2. RCA France labels

2. 1. French RCA Label 1955


Picture courtesy of Rudolf

2.2 French RCA Label 1959


2. 3 French RCA Label – 1960

RCA guide Yellow-3.60 label

2.4 French RCA Victor Label 1962


2.5 Corporate Inner Sleeve:

Original inner sleeve late 50’s and early 60’s


3. RCA/ Victor Japan

3.1 Victor Japan (date unknown) – company detached from RCA at the time?


3.2 RCA Japan (modern) 1981

The “modernised” RCA orange label with white outline font; RVC Corporation, Tokyo



7 thoughts on “RCA Victor UK, Europe and Japan

  1. I have a Victor Company of Japan Gold Label Living Stereo SLS 2002, Beethoven Violin Concerto in D, Heifetz Munch, Boston Symphony in like new condition and I have never been able to find out any information about this recording. Any info?


    • Hi Ron, you may have noticed this is a 100% jazz site. I’m afraid your search will have to continue. No-one seems to have uploaded any content on the internet with that combination of words. In such cases I am less than hopeful that any information exists on-line. The only potentially fruitful next step is to enquire directly to whoever owns the JVC catalogue today. Sorry not to be more helpful.


    • Victor Japan was the licensee for US Prestige, Riverside, Milestone, Candid and United Artists in Japan, and the labels are normally facsimile of US original e.g. fireworks. With RCA recordings they seem to have these Orange yellow and beige labels:

      Are these what you have in mind? I got only one, sounds good to me, but that could be for a number of reasons which may not apply to another title with the same label.


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