Vogue and Contemporary-Vogue, and Swing

1. Swing

The French Jazz label Swing was founded in 1937 by music writer and concert promoter Charles Delauney, then editor of the Hot Club de France,  and Hughes Panassie, to release American and French swing jazz artists like Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhart and Stephane Grapelli. Remarkably, they apparently  continued to issue records during the Nazi occupation, with any American  references removed. No Jazz in Jackboots collaboration for them,  according to Wikipedia.fr Delauney joined the French Resistance. (Wiki claims, unverifiable). Swing recordings were made through the French branch of EMI (Pathe Marconi) or licensed from American labels.


Photo courtesy of Johnny

The Hot Club De France organisation officially considered only jazz  of the ’20s, 30’s and ’40s authentic, ending at 1950. Thus the  rise of be-bop was vigorously rejected by Panassie as “inauthentic jazz”,  and the controversy split The Hot Club.   In 1951, Delauney parted company with Panassie, instead teaming up with Leon Cabat to create a new jazz label Disques Vogue, with a more modern-facing jazz agenda.

2. Disques Vogue

Its early catalogue of Disques Vogue includes some extraordinarily rare and expensive albums like the debut Barney Wilen album “Tilt”, and Roy Haynes. Good stuff.

Jazz on Disques Vogue 3[1]

Label: ( sample – late ’60s)

Starting out as a jazz label, in the later ’50s Disques Vogue branched into pop, and by the ’80s were releasing commercial mainstream artists like Francoise Hardy, ABBA and Johnny Haliday. C’est la vie.

 3. Vogue Records (UK)

Disques Vogue was also established in the UK  in 1951,  but was subsequently taken over by Decca around 1956, and active mainly 1962-1968 as Vogue Records, the rights to the trademark having reverted to the French company Disques Vogue.

British Vogue were mastered and pressed the UK at Decca’s New Malden plant. The run-out displays the usual Decca matrix machine-stamp, in this case “VMGT xxxxx 1 B” system for identifying the original matrix number xxxx, pressing history (1=first) and the engineer’s name code (B)

4. Vocalion (UK)

A sub-label of Vogue Records. The runout shows the same factory production stamp system as Vogue, indicating the same has the same mastering/pressing source ie the Decca plant at New Malden, South West London. It seems Decca’s answer to everything marketing and creative was “lets create another new label”

5. Contemporary Vogue (UK)

Decca’s vehicle to release US Contemporary catalogue in the UK was another new jazz label, Contemporary Vogue. The greenish-yellow UK label marks it out from the US bright yellow. UK Contemporary Vogue sold in good numbers and a large catalogue of 50’s and early 60’s West Coast jazz are available fairly cheaply here (£15 – £25 for general artists, £30-50 for the most collectible artists  like Howard MacGhee and early Art Pepper)

While the US Contemporary label was subject to widespread cloning in the 90’s, UK Contemporary Vogues are invariably geniune period first UK releases from the Fifties and Sixties, ofen seen with an inner or outer deep groove in the label area.

The Vogue label has since been acquired by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, who now own the rights to the label’s catalogue, but show no inclination to do anything with it. 


Aaron’s extra label  – 10″


No indication of country of origin…



41 thoughts on “Vogue

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  2. Hi all I have purchased a Dizzy Gillespie Plays Johnny Richards Conducts 10″ on the Vogue Records Limited label, catalogue number L.D.E. 033, from someone at a car boot sale (!). The cover has a 1 1/2″ seam tear but otherwise in good condition allowing for its age. I have played the disc and it sounds great albeit with a lot of surface noise, but crucially no scratches, and so would benefit from a deep clean on a professional machine. Can anyone hazard a guess as to its value? I looked on Discogs but the catalogue number was absent. Thanks in advance


  3. Vogue picture records were manufactured by Sav-Way Industries, Detroit, Mich. from May 1946 to August 1947 when it went into receivership. The catalog has little jazz content. According to the Association of Vogue Picture Records Collectors on Google, the Shavers records in excellent condition are valued at $50 to $75 and are considered “common records.” One disc, R784 Art Kassel and His Orchestra, carries a value of $5000 or more.


  4. I recently bought a Vogue Double re-issue of John Surman’s 1970s trio sessions – great sound, clear and vibrant, no complaints. Love John Handy, especially his groups with Michael White; Projections being an especially good album.


  5. Hello I am looking to get what appears to be a mint copy of JOHN HANDY QUINTET IN THE VERNACULAR VOGUE doubles UK VJD530. I assume its a seventies reissue. Is the quality of mastering and pressing likely to be ok?


    • I recently bought a Vogue Double re-issue of John Surman’s 1970s trio sessions – great sound, clear and vibrant, no complaints. Love John Handy, especially his groups with Michael White; Projections being an especially good album.


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  7. How are the Vogue pressings compared to the original 10″ Fantasy releases? In particular, I want to collect Gerry Mulligan/ Chet Baker Quartet, and have seen a couple of copies on Vogue for sale. Are they worth a punt?


    • if you find Excellent condition copies, you can go for them blindly. Good value for money. Fantasy, the coloured plastic items, are nice to look at, but the Vogue quality is much better.


      • Got a VG graded Vogue LDE083 – Gerry Mulligan Quartet Vol. 4 – it sounds pretty marvellous. One mark that looked to me like a surefire ‘clicker’ hardly sounded at all. It’s very special playing these old recordings – one feels that much closer to the musicians and their music, a kind of eerie delight almost in the case of those that are no longer with us. Digital formats have removed this visceral connection with the artist – there’s really nothing to touch the thrill of listening to vintage vinyl!


        • Martin,
          So you got the U.K. version of Pacific Jazz LP 5. I am glad you enjoy. There is much more to find at reasonable prices. Look for Mulligan’s three other Pacific ten inchers and the GNP and Fantasy albums.


  8. Hello, first time i’m writing to you, I love the work (?) you’re doing here, I have few Vogue records who are not listed here, I wil take pictures of them and then send (how?) here. Thanks again for this fantastic blog


    • All contributions welcome Eric, it’s “family”. Email me label photos, whatever you can do, at address shown on the “About” page located on the banner. Vogue has never been fully documented to my satisfaction. More “work” is required.


  9. Hi there
    I recently bought a very old heavy vinyl deep groove record on french Vogue:
    Gerry Mulligan quartet/ 3e salon du jazz, paris, 1954, a pleyel.
    This label do not occur in LJC:
    Half white and half orange with SWING and all lettering in black. It says Vogue on one side, and on the back of the cover. Hope to get some info about this record
    Johnny Cph dk


    • https://londonjazzcollector.wordpress.com/record-labels-guide/other-labels-europe/

      There is a Swing label in the Other European section, though it is a US repro of a French original

      However it is not as you describe half orange.

      I guess Swing will have held the recording rights, and licensed it to Vogue to manufacture and distribute. Only a guess. If you can shoot me a photo of the label, screen filling, best you can do, I’d be interested


      • Hi again
        Im not sure, if I send the message that I wrote earlier today.
        How do I find the emailadress?
        I am not on facebook or twitter, so plmk about how to send detailed pics og the Vogue-record
        Thanks again, and so sorry for not being an expert:-)


        • See LJC main banner menu last item “Contact LJC” for email address, to which you can post photo as an email attachment. I don’t write it here because spambots harvest obvious valid format email addresses to add to spam lists

          If you are able, highest resolution you can do, at least 1,000 pixel, shot square on, in focus and as little camera shake as you can manage.Everything else I can fix.


            • Thanks, success, and a little further research has pieced together the relationship between Swing and Disques Vogue which I was not up to speed on, now updated history above. So the Hot Club de France was split over the authenticity of bebop. I’m sure Rudolf knows the murky detail behind this.


              • Hughes Panassié (the pope of Montauban) has an English counterpart in Rex Harris, who in his “Jazz”, Pelican Books, London 1952, describes the development of jazz up to 1952 without mentioning once the name of Charlie Parker. Jazz ends in New Orléans with George Lewis and company.


    • Johnny,
      you have acquired an original French Vogue recording, issued on their Swing label. Thorange/white label was used by Vogue, Paris for their “Swing” series (25 and 30 cm), roughly between 1954 and 1957.
      If you go to “What’s New” on LJC’s front page and scroll down to Feb. 2013, you will see at 18 Feb 2013 “the Flinterman Collection”. Your label will be there at the end. Is yours the same one as shown? Btw, this Paris concert album was re-issued in the US by Pacific Jazz (P.J. 1210).


      • Wow that sounds great.
        The Flinterman label is excactly similar to mine, just anther title on the cover. Is it something valuable? I am still new in this jazzworld, but ljc is really a great help to me. Thanks!!
        I recently bought approx 240 jazzrecords, and I met a great guy named Christian, who bought 12 items for a great price. That enables me to buy new stuff for my collection. Among others this Vogue record. I also found A fremch Hank Crawford album, on the french white atlantic label:-)


  10. I have a Vogue 10″ of Bud Powell but am not clear as to where it was made. It looks like the second one pictured but there is no Made In France or Made In England on the label. It has handwritten matrices and the vinyl appears black but is translucent red when held to the light. Any thoughts?


    • the dark red vinyl was used on a number of French Vogues (10″). What is on the rear? A text in the form of liner notes? Or just their latest catalogue?
      I have never seen a 10″ Vogue without the Paris or London adress on the bottom.
      Is this the Roost session?


            • Aaron: puzzling! I don’t have L.D. 010, but I put next to each other my French L.D. 009 (Stan Getz ex Roost) and my English L.D. 011 (Johnny Hodges ex Mercer).
              Both have the prefix L.D. on the labels.
              ( English Vogue has the L.D.E. prefix. (see the album Andrew made in Feb. 2013 – the Flinterman collection. To find the album go to “What’s new” and scroll down to Feb. 2013)
              The resemblance between the mother company in Paris and the daughter in London is strong and the labels are almost identical, but for the country of manufacture. L.D. 009 has the mention Made in France, L.D. 011 “Made in England”.
              Yours does not have such mention. There is however one striking difference between my English and the French one: the latter has a deep groove, whereas the English has just a circle around the spindle hole. See examples in the collection.
              Regarding the rear:
              the French has a catalogue with “Vente en catégorie standard” and the Paris adress. The English one has just a catalogue, no text, but a London adress and the name of the English printer (West….) Also, on the sleeve the pre-fix L.D.E. is used throughout, also for # 011.
              So my verdict is that yours is French because of the DG.
              What leaves me puzzled is the rear of your cover. There must be other elements to prove my thesis. Also, is the front laminated or not. The English front is a soft laminated flip over, rear unlaminated The French stiff cardboard, unlaminated. Is your cover blue with a sketch of PierreMerlin? I have had the 010 in my hands many times.


              • Thanks to your help Rudolf, I’m pretty sure this one is French. It has the blue cover with the sketch and is in a stiff, unlaminated cardboard sleeve.


                  • I actually no longer have this record as it was in poor condition. I was going through label photos I took when I found this one leading me to ask the question but am going from memory on the jacket details, it very well could have had an address somewhere on the rear.


  11. Have two Vogue Picture Records of the Charlie Shavers Quintet. Are these US pressings and any ideas around what year?


      • Don’t have a camera or smart phone. On closer inspection (in light) both platters are from Sav-Way Corporation of Detroit Michigan. “Broadway” on one disc, “Dizzy’s Dilemma” on sides that are visible (they are mounted on the wall). Buddy DeFranco is on both. All I need is approximate recording dates. I’m thinking the fifties.


        • hi, i have johnny ace memorial lp on vogue,2 infant, va 160 177, plays nice, 3 no1s/7 top tens on one album…… what’s it worth, thanks andy


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