Impulse – end of the road for mono: A-9165


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Impulse Part IV The end of monaural format The years between 1966 and 1968 saw the ending of the mono ( “monaural”) format  for home listening of Impulse, ushering in the brave new world of stereo once and for all. The orange/black label ABC … Continue reading

Impulse First 100 titles – Stereo (updated)


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IMPULSE STEREO: “ORIGINAL!” Record Collector perspective: is it an “original”? That word! I favour equal knowledge available to both buyers and sellers, so both can get a fair price for the goods on offer, which must of course be properly described. Why … Continue reading

Impulse Labelology, the first pressing of the first 100 classic titles – mono (updated)


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  (Last Updated November 14, 2014) Impulse Labelology: The First 100 – mono For Record Collectors Only! LondonJazzCollector previously posted a reference set of Impulse labels 1965-73 from A-100 onwards, to capture the evolution of the Impulse label from mid ’60s post-bop through to … Continue reading