Don Rendell/ Ian Carr : Phase III (1967) EMI Lansdowne


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Selection: Crazy Jane ( Carr  ) … The selection Crazy Jane narrowly defeated the more mainstream track On! due to the latter’s lengthy drum solo – a feature of many  ’60s recordings, an outbreak of instrumental democracy and fair play, everyone gets … Continue reading

Don Rendell/ Ian Carr: “Live” (1969) EMI Lansdowne


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Selection: Pavanne (Carr/Tomkins) .  .  . Artists Don Rendell  (Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet) Ian Carr  (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) Michael Garrick (Piano) Dave Green  (Bass) Trevor Tomkins (Drums) recorded Lansdowne Studios, Holland Park, London,  March 18, 1968,  recording engineer David Heelis,  … Continue reading

Don Rendell: BBC Jazz For Moderns (with extra helpings)


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This modern Gearbox 10″ record of British ’60s tenor giant Don Rendell comes in only one portion size: Small. With a lengthy run-out groove, and only a couple of inches of vinyl dedicated to music, and importantly, pressed at 45 rpm (something  not disclosed on … Continue reading

The British Jazz Explosion (1966-9) EMI Lansdowne


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Five Selections: your five-a-day portions of jazz, for a healthy listening diet. I provide a sample from an album, they provide a sample from an album, I figure if its good enough for them it’s good enough for me too. Artists: … Continue reading

Don Rendell Roarin’ (1961) Jazzland (UK)


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Selection 1: You Loomed Out Of Loch Ness (Rendell) .  .  . Selection2: Manumission (Burch) .  .  . Bonus Selection: Blue Monk (Monk) .  .  . Artists Graham Bond (as) Tony Archer (b) Phil Kinorra (d) John Burch (p)  Don Rendell (ts)  … Continue reading