Andrew Hill: One for One (1965-70) Blue Note/UA


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Selection: One for One (Numark tt rip) (Next week the laptop returns from the menders, and hopefully it is back to experiments with a direct feed from the big system, a more sound basis for some  new shoot-outs) Artists Artists 1965 sessions: … Continue reading

Mobley 1550: what’s it worth? Play Fantasy Ebay live. Now with result update


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Selection: Wham and they’re off (Mobley) Artists Art Farmer (trumpet) Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone) Horace Silver (piano) Doug Watkins (bass) Art Blakey (drums) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, March 8, 1957 Music : It’s not BN 1568, but … Continue reading



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The last few weeks have seen more than their share of casualties buying online, so I thought I might share some of these,  to allow fellow collectors to  experience vicariously the misfortune of others. They call it schadenfreude, such a good word that it has … Continue reading

Wonder why you keep losing bids on most wanted records?


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Ahoudori1947, the bidder anonymised as a***4, is the Ebay identity of the Tokyo group of vinyl record stores “Disk Union”.  I estimate they spend over $1,000 a day every day buying premium collectible jazz vinyl on eBay: That is four wins … Continue reading

Not coming to LondonJazzCollector any time soon


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It occurred to me of late, it is all very well bragging about your latest scores, relishing everyone being consumed with jealousy, oh that’s sooo nice,  but what gets very little airtime are the near-misses, and the downright failures. So I’m launching eFail, the … Continue reading

Hank Mobley BN1568 (1957)


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Track Selection: “Mighty Moe and Joe” Artists Bill Hardman (tp) Curtis Porter (“Shafi Hadi”) (as, ts) Hank Mobley (ts) Sonny Clark (p) Paul Chambers (b) Art Taylor (d) Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, June 23, 1957 Music A better than average … Continue reading

Tubby Hayes “….After Lights Out” (1956)


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Track Selection:” A Message from the Messengers”  > Artists Tubby Hayes (ts)  Dickie Hawdon (t) Harry South (p) Pete Elderfield (b) Bill Eyden (d) recorded in London on July 17th, 1956 Music Tubby in super form. The track “Message to the Messengers”  sounds like a … Continue reading

Ever wondered who trumped your eBay bids? All is revealed!


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After a long run of bids I thought were “realistic” being trumped, I was curious and decided to do a little research as to who are these jazz collectors  putting in “premium bids”on collectible jazz, in some cases £50 to 100 more than … Continue reading

“And how would sir like to pay – cash, cheque or Blue Note?”

Ebay record auctions are a measure of the world’s pulse on collectible jazz. Three or is it now seven trillion people on the planet, and only a few hundred collectors and traders in the whole world set the current “going rate” and confirm how desirable some of these records are.

Ultra-rare records have always earned their premium – the mint Mobley 1568, or 1538 Jutta Hipp whatever, and other entries in the famousJazz Collector  $1,000+ bin. Cheap compared to a Ming vase or Picasso, but expensive to us ordinary mortals. I am more interested in the going rate for “bread and butter” collectible jazz, Blue Note being among the most collectible. I am usually interested first in the home UK sellers to avoid postage premium, shipping delays, customs charges, or problems with dispute returns.In the last week I have noticed a new benchmark for these “mid-field” collectibles:

A handful I was bidding on all went through the roof. What would have sold for £100-175 a few months ago seems to have risen to now £200-275.

Ebay allows you to check back on the location of auction winners via the feedback listing of sellers. In the past when I have followed up high prices in Blue Notes  the South East Asia connection has been strong. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. This time my interest picked up, in addition to our German friends (lots of “Musik” in the history)  an unexpected number of Russian Federation buyers, and damn it, UK audiophiles (buying history includes lots of tubes and components) . I guess if you are going to spend £20,000 on a turntable, £250 on  record is no big deal.

While the whole world is downloading and sharing for free, those of us who want “the real thing” are going to have to tighten our belts, remortgage the house, or just turn our sights on the “less collectible”.

Freddie Redd: Flying Economy Class? Upgrade to “Blue Note Class”


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Collectors Corner You probably have a list of records which you would most dearly like to own an original of, the best possible copy. Mine is a half dozen titles long, and whenever I see one come up on eBay, it … Continue reading