Jack Wilson: Ramblin’ (1966) Vault/ Vocalion


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Note to myself, stay out of hi-fi topics, for a while anyway, a very opinionated field! Music, onward and upward, a British Decca pressing of an American recording that has a lot of interesting musical content, hopefully may ring your … Continue reading

Graham Collier Music: Songs For My Father (1970) Fontana – UPDATED, photos


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Another excursion into the progressive detachment of British from American jazz in the second half of the 1960s. This one heads further out into the realms of progressive big-band: lauding composition, fragmentation and complexity. If “The Sound Of Surprise” (W. Balliett) no longer … Continue reading

The Visitors: Neptune (1971) Cobblestone


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Christmas is traditionally a time for visiting, family and friends, but today we have another kind of visitor to LJC, The Visitors, visiting us from the spiritual soul-jazz years of the early ’70s. Make them welcome, they won’t be staying … Continue reading

George Russell: “Arranger” – RCA, Decca, and Riverside years (1957-63)


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LondonJazzBeachcomber has been out with the reissue quality detector again. This time he has found some early 60’s Riverside recordings repackaged by ABC Records, new owner of Riverside after Orpheum, in 1969, cheap as chips.  ABC merged a selection from several titles … Continue reading