Miles Davis Miles in Amsterdam (1957) Jazz O.P


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Selection: ‘Round about Midnight. (T. Monk) Artists Miles Davis (t) Barney Wilen (ts) Rene Urtreger (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Kenny Clarke (d) recorded live at “Concertgebouw”, Amsterdam, Holland, December 8, 1957 Russia launches Sputnik I, first earth-orbiting satellite: the Space Race commences; Gov. Orval … Continue reading

Bud Powell Portrait of Thelonious (1961) Columbia


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Track Selection: Off Minor (Monk) Track Comparison: Off Minor –  Monk himself (Modern Genius Volume 1, Blue Note BLP1510   Monk-Ramey-Blakey, recorded 1947, on 47 West 63rd St labels second pressing)  Artists Bud Powell (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Kenny Clarke (d) recorded live in Paris, … Continue reading