Prestige: Visual Reference Guide to Original NY Pressings v.1.1 (updated)


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Last Updated: December 29, 2019 UPDATED July 5th: new reference material added to the Prestige Boot Camp and  a QUICK LOOK UP REFERENCE TABLE for Prestige NY label has been added to the permanent pages of LJC Guide to Record Labels/ Prestige and … Continue reading

Miles Davis: Collectors’ Items (Prestige) 1953-6


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Prestige “original”!?  What’s one number difference in an address?  Into the vaults, LJC returns clutching what he thought was his most prized “original” Prestige LP, purchased a few years back from the now-disappeared Intoxica Records, Portobello Road, Notting Hill. The man said … Continue reading

Potayto, pottato: two nations, Prestige and Esquire, back to back


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An occasional post, on the subject of US Prestige and UK Esquire records Prestige is one of the treasure chests of audiophile quality vintage Modern Jazz recordings, along with Blue Note, Riverside, Contemporary, Impulse, without which our lives would be considerably poorer. … Continue reading