Hal McKusick: The Jazz Workshop (1956) RCA Victor


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A horizontal tasting: composers and arrangements The oeuvre is the  “Jazz Workshop”, zeitgeist of 1956: the search for new directions. Post- swing experimentalism flowers briefly, doffing its cap to its contemporary classical music “brothers”. The fixed points here are the performers, the same … Continue reading

George Russell: “Arranger” – RCA, Decca, and Riverside years (1957-63)


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LondonJazzBeachcomber has been out with the reissue quality detector again. This time he has found some early 60’s Riverside recordings repackaged by ABC Records, new owner of Riverside after Orpheum, in 1969, cheap as chips.  ABC merged a selection from several titles … Continue reading

Art Blakey: A Night in Tunisia (1957) mono test pressing vs commercial release “stereo”


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 Shoot out with a twist. What was intended to be a two-way shoot out – test press vs  commercial release and mono vs stereo, quickly unravelled when the stereo turned out not to be quite what it said on the cover. … Continue reading

Bill Dixon: Intents and Purposes (1967) RCA Victor CD reissue (Updated – bonus vinyl rip)


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is an Evil Silver Disc   Selection: Voices (CD to MP3 lame 160kbps conversion) Bonus! Voices – original 1967 stereo vinyl rip! (160kbps mp3) courtesy of LJC reader Finsen Artists On Voices: … Continue reading