Tommy Whittle: Why Not (1977) Jam Records


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Selection 1.Funk in a Deep Freeze (Mobley) – caution, record scratch for some revs early on, but hey, its one of the better tracks. Selection 2. Why Not (Whittle) Artists Tommy Whittle (ts) Tony Lee (p) Martin Drew (d) Tony Archer … Continue reading

Don Rendell Roarin’ (1961) Jazzland (UK)


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Selection 1: You Loomed Out Of Loch Ness (Rendell) Selection2: Manumission (Burch) Bonus Selection: Blue Monk (Monk) Artists Graham Bond (as) Tony Archer (b) Phil Kinorra (d) John Burch (p)  Don Rendell (ts)  Recorded at Star Sound Studios, London, June 17 and August … Continue reading