Jazz Trivia

Peter Bartkowski’s famous Jazz Tree, highlights in the development of Jazz, from Blues and Dixie, Swing, Bebop, Cool, Mainstream,Hard Bop, Fusion and Free Jazz,

Departure Board

It wasn’t “trivia” to them, it was deady serious – what you might call The Ex-Factor.

First, those favourite jazz musicians from the Bop era who have swelled the ranks of the great Trio in the Sky, listed by how long they were with us, before bad drugs, bad driving, wronged women and poorly controlled medical conditions all took their deadly toll. Currently average life expectancy is around  82, and clustered around that average, so the last quarter are as expected.

Departed (Update):

  •  JJ Johnson, by his own hand 2012
  • Donald Byrd February 2013

 (click picture to improve readability).

And those noted Jazz Musicians from the Fifties and Sixties who are still going strong, with us in 2011 (updated 3/2012):

Suprising who outlived their peers, and many of them are still playing – though an encounter with one at a jazz festival the other year prompted unkind thoughts whether this was a good thing. After a brief appeal about hope and change, and world togetherness, the band struck up John Lennon’s “Imagine”,  and I was forced to make an excuse and leave. His best work remains solidly in the Blue Note Catalogue, (Yes you, Herbie!)

Given all these musicians still living will have consumed vast quantiities of secondary cigarette smoke in jazz clubs, night after night, over thirty or more years, it says very little for the associated health risk of passive smoking. Personally I worry more about the effects of passive drinking.


7 thoughts on “Jazz Trivia

  1. Eastern Sounds! One of my first real records bought as a student in the late 80’s but lost somewhere along the way…


  2. Hi LJC!
    This is Enrico from Milan (I’m a collector too, but let’s talk about this post now).
    I prefer not to update the “Jazz Musician no longer with us”, because it’s too sad to me.

    I’d rather update the “Stil with us and kickin”, they should be all about 50’s and most 60’s (all “stars” I recently had the pleasure to watch live)

    Curtis Fuller (78)
    Archie Shepp (75)
    Phil Woods (81)
    Pharoah Sanders (72)
    Jimmy Heath (86)
    Albert Heath (77)
    Paul Jeffrey (79)
    John Tchicai (76)
    Gary Bartz (72)

    I found out your blog recently and I can see we have a lot in common (even some IKEA furnitures with something under them not to let records stay too close to the ground!!!).
    Soon I’ll introduce myself better.

    You’re doing a great job!
    Best regards.



    • Hi Enrico, and welcome. Thanks for kind words. Milan, great city. More and more I find this good music is the choice of good people. Stands to reason, I guess.
      Excellent suggestion to update the Living Legends – starting with your list. I am travelling right now but I will go back to my original files and make some enhancements – next week.


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