LJC reader collections


1. LJC contributor – Jeffrey‘s storage bins.


I love this! A record store-simulation without having to leave home! And no price tickets Great! The woodwork designs can be found at AudioKarma if there are any carpenters out there. Jeffrey tells me the inspiration for the design is no longer having to squint to read record spines – you can simply flip covers, as nature intended. Grrreat!

2. LJC contributor Tim‘s “retro” black and white collection


Now this is seriously cool. Bulk storage has room to breathe – space for more records, and a near-turntable storage area for current listening. Oh and a few random boxes of overflow that haven’t made it to either area. Sound familiar? Great stuff. Thanks Tim.

3. LJC contributor Dave from Atlanta, the Upstairs Downstairs solution


Dave’s two thousand records in an Upstairs Downstairs storage solution – a big “hands on” area next to the turntable for the “good stuff”, that’s neat. But what’s that I see? Is that red and black Impulse spines grouped together? I have often thought about filing by label rather than artist, whatever works best for you. Then there is something lurking in the cellar, the morgue, boxed but alphabeticised, for the “haven’t figured what to do with these” stuff. Life below stairs. Brilliant, Dave, thanks for sharing. Oh, I have Oprah on the line…

4. LJC contributor Phil from CT, illustrates domestic harmony


Perfect solution, Phil integrates his “small” vinyl collection into a domestic setting, as a living room sideboard, in white.And great covers on display in front of the less attractive record spines. For some of us, records are banished to the “man cave”. Nice one, Phil. We also see Phil Jr. being inducted into to the fine art of crate digging. Get ’em while they are young.

teaching kids about physics

Later, you could may be introduce junior to the finer points of mono and stereo recordings…that is “real” stereo as opposed to…oh never mind.

5.LJC contribution from Sonny, who favours Red


Shades of Redd, and another fan of Expedit for displaying covers. Neat! I like the saxophone as objet trouvé.

6. LJC contribution: Matty’s Man-cave from Holland

Matty_Records-final 1600

Apparently this is just the vinyl section. As much space again is available for the Evil Silver Disc opposite. Great! Thanks Matty. I just love seeing shelves of vinyl.

7. LJC contribution: John has sent in this photo of his cool urban setting for some choice records. The Blue Train poster sets the cool tone and I see a Dyson on hand to make sure things stay cool.


Umm…cool, John,  and nice to see the flag waving with Stan Tracey  down there on the bottom right. Just room for a few more records before every collectors dilema kicks in: where oh where to put the second Expedit?


Plenty more space if you want to put your collection on Dr LJC’s couch.




4 thoughts on “LJC reader collections

  1. I was enthralled by pictures of these immense record collections! Large collections such as these, selected and lovingly “built” by individuals who are knowledgeable music curators, become a deep source for listening enjoyment, and a “go-to” reference source for an individual’s learning for passion’s sake towards the music.

    My former collection (sold almost three years ago to pay bills – large auto bill plus rent payments due) was about eleven hundred records (yes, I know – small as large collections go) of which between eight and nine hundred were jazz. The remainder was rock from the late 1960s and smaller sections for folk, blues, classical, and spoken word. I also had between 760 and 800 CD’s most of which were jazz.

    It was gratifying to be able to pull half a dozen or more records/ CD’s off the shelf, and listen to different renditions of standards by small groups, singers, piano trios, etc. Or, to trace one artist’s playing and writing through several sessions for Blue Note over the years.

    You can never become bored with or “use up” a large record/ CD collection. This collection is one’s own in depth music library. It’s breadth means there is always something to listen to and enjoy, or learn from.
    Ed from New York


  2. Thanks for putting mine up, too, LJC. Showing off a record collection is so much better than a Lamborghini, don’t you think? And much more affordable, too 😉

    The true train spotters, if they look closely, will see the handful of Impulses that I have. Honesty forces me to admit that my vinyl collection can almost entirely be filed under ‘seventies funk’. The jazz section, in the smaller cabinet to the left, currently uses up five cubicles, one of them exclusively for the Blue Notes, so jazz-wise I still have a long way to go. Thankfully I have plenty of evil silver disks, so I won’t be bored any time soon 😛


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