Buying Records

LJC’s Guide to Buying Records Online

ljcthinks2Hard-won advice, offered freely. Had been wiser sooner I might have avoided some pitfalls, but mistakes are the best teacher. I don’t believe in hoarding knowledge: in the best of all possible worlds, everyone has the same knowledge. The difference between us then is the different value we each put on things. But remember, I might just be bidding against you. Can you be sure I have I told you everything?

Top Tips


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1 thought on “Buying Records

  1. Records, Jazz records. Oh forget it. I’ll never get to listen to them. Salvation Army and Goodwill are my ‘haunts’ and I am usually lucky and really old stuff like Stan Getz, Metronomes 1945..Books? On Jazz, yes there too. Wanna cream? A Pictorial History Of Jazz…Keepnews and Grauer Jr. Pics of Joe and Eddy at the radio! $1. No value to anybody but me; and U! Other books? Yes but no time time to tell you about them.Nine year old daughter calls…
    Blue Skies and Jazz

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