The Record Detective

The Record Detective pays a call on Prestige, gets out his magnifying glass, and takes an intimate look at whats inside the cover.

1. Labels, deadwax and covers of original pressings.

2. AT 1600 x 4000 px – Life size and closer , selected records (click twice on picture to view at maximum resolution)

7031  “Art Farmer Plays Compositions of Quincy Jones and Gigi Gryce.                Original First Pressing on NYC label

7044 Miles Davis “Collectors Item” Original First Pressing on NYC labels

7085 Art Farmer When Farmer Met Gryce                                                                Recorded 1954-5, first released 1957 on W 50th NYC labels, this second pressing  on Bergenfield NJ labels, early Sixties?

7281 Miles Davis Diggin’ reissue on NJ label of 7012 originally NYC labels.

3. Engravings of a later Re-issues on the Blue/Trident label, circa 1964

(Image Photoshop-enhanced by LJC)


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