3000 series listing

Atlantic Jazz 3000 series (12 inch LP)
•3001 Rufus Harley – Bagpipe Blues
•3002 Duke Pearson – Honeybuns
•3003 Valerie Capers – Portrait In Soul
•3004 Joe Zawinul – Money In The Pocket
•3005 Duke Pearson – Prairie Dog
•3006 Rufus Harley – Scotch And Soul
•3007 Roland Kirk – Here Comes The Whistleman
•3008 Sonny Stitt – Deuces Wild


1 thought on “3000 series listing

  1. Does anyone else have any records from this series? I was unaware of the 3000 series until recently when I picked up 3002, 3004, and 3005 at a local record store. All were reasonable prices and beautiful condition. The lineups are full of blue note regulars. All are the green / blue stereo labels


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