Comparing run-outs – BN 1595 case study

Blue Note 1595 Canonball Adderley’s Something Else

Copy 1 – LJC
1595-labels-copy 1 1800  px

Observations: Side 1 is pressed from second master, 1595 A-2, and lacks 9M

Side 2 is the original 1st master, 1595-B and has the 9M

Copy 2 – LJC


Observations : looks pressed with the same combination stampers exactly as Copy 1. All etchings have the same relative position to one another. eg ear on side 2 is half way between catalogue number and the 9M

Both Copy 1 and Copy 2 have Deep Groove on Side 2, which is the original master lacquer.

Copy 3 Matty


Observations:  Side 1 is A2 matrix identical source to Copies 1 and 2; B likewise, original matrix. Question – are all copies of side 1 the A2 lacquer?

No Deep Groove on either side. What significance, if any?

Other observations?


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