Status ST 8300 series

NB. Some Status pressings, like many later New Jazz pressings, are noisy – usually hissy, due to being pressed on low grade vinyl.

ST 8303 Ahmed Abdul-Malik – Spellbound
ST 8304 Phil Woods/Red Garland – Sugar
ST 8305 Curtis Fuller And Hampton Hawes With French Horns
ST 8306 Kai Winding/Gerry Mulligan/Red Rodney – Broadway
ST 8307 Hampton Hawes/Freddie Redd – Move!
ST 8308 Wynton Kelly With Steve Lacy
ST 8309 Zoot Sims/Phil Woods/Jon Eardley – Koo Koo
ST 8310 Frank Wess/Thad Jones – Touche
ST 8311 Hank Mobley – 52nd Street Theme
ST 8312 Jackie McLean – Alto Madness
ST 8313 The Billy Taylor Trio At Town Hall
ST 8314 Red Garland – Lil’ Darlin’
ST 8315 V.A. – My Fair Lady
ST 8316 Mal Waldron – The Dealers
ST 8317 V.A. – Body And Soul
ST 8318 V.A. – Guitar Soul
ST 8319 V.A. – Lusty Moods

8300 seies New Jazz continuation
NJLP 8320 Clea Bradford With Oliver Nelson And Clark Terry
NJLP 8321 The Latin Jazz Quintet – Latin Soul
NJLP 8322 John Wright – The Last Amen
NJLP 8323 Jackie McLean And Co.
NJLP 8324 Oliver Nelson – Screamin’ The Blues
NJLP 8325 Red Garland – High Pressure
NJLP 8326 Red Garland Live!
NJLP 8327 John Coltrane/Frank Wess – Wheelin’ And Dealin’


4 thoughts on “Status ST 8300 series

  1. Hello LJC. Is this a comphrensive Status release list? If not, where do you recommend I look for a Status catalog listing?


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