Blue Note guides: Dottorjazz guide to 1st pressings

LAST UPDATED: April 25, 2016 

Acrobat PDF (optimised) single volume download, around 140mb (may be 5-10 minutes download time depending on your connection speed,  hosted here permanently on LJC: Dottorjazz First Pressing Fundamentalist’s Illustrated Guide to Blue Note –  link below:


Every title from the Blue Note LP Catalogue, in mouth-watering graphic detail, covers, labels, variations, commentary – all in one Acrobat PDF volume. Indispensible for collectors, a labour of love on the part of our resident Blue Note First Pressing Fundamentalist supported by other collectors who have contributed information and pictures. Never before has such an ambitious project been realised, and like the best things in life, it’s free (sadly, unlike original Blue Notes)

(Data in tabular form can still be found in LJC Guide to 1st Pressings of Blue Note. See foot of this page for BN 1500 series illustrated guide to original labels)

May the Force Ear be with you.

LJC value-added:  The Blue Note Label ” Butterfly Collection”

The Victorians were great plant-hunters and butterfly catchers, mounting the preserved specimens neatly under glass, side by side in rows , to more easily observe and contrast nature’s infinite variety. Whenever you come across a good idea, I say, steal it.

LJC, intrepid Blue Note label-hunter, has created  a “running series” of 20 titles per page, based  on Dottor Jazz’s label pictures, photographically retouched and resized to form a “butterfly collection” of the Blue Note 1500 series. Colours aren’t perfect because of varying originals.

I believe this covers all the first pressings up to BN 1599. It consist only of labels because pictures of covers and liner notes are already easily available from many sources, simply by typing into search engines. Labels are something beginners don’t understand the importance of, and the necessary photo skills for labels are more than for cover art.

There are some  mixed labels not addressed here yet, subject to further work.

Click to view each tableaux at 1800 pixel full screen.






There are some first issue mixed labels not addressed here yet, subject to further work, The 4000 series need a whole lot more work, to follow



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