The Boys in Blue

Vinyl Police Squad  Detectives Giorgio and Matty pull over to examine a suspected 1st pressing.

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6 thoughts on “The Boys in Blue

  1. all true,
    what ‘ll never fade is English humor: I really love it.
    from a cloudy morning here in Southern California.


  2. that’s great, every time I try to guess how you get it out!
    yesterday my faith in British punctuality got a heavy uppercut.
    due to severe weather my waiting in London was so long I could go and see Andrew.
    my plane left so late I lost my connection in Los Angeles and arrived in San Diego by bus, over six hours late.
    didn’t know British considered severe a very light fog with attached sun.
    come to Milano sometime, in november: you’ll be able to know what a real fog is.


    • Wrong kind of fog, Dott. Fog, snow, ice, strikes, signal failure, metal theft, and the worryingly frequent “person struck by train”. Almost every month some poor soul decides life in Britain is no longer worth living due to lack of punctuality of trains. So they jump in front of the only train still running on time, disrupting everyone else’s travel for the rest of the day.
      I was taught that, whatever else his faults, at least Benito had made Italian trains run on time. Sadly my experience of trains in Italy suggests this is just propaganda put out by Trenitalia, whose trains are even more late-running than ours.
      LJC’s antidote to adverse weather is to stay home and put on some jazz. It’s always sunny indoors.


  3. That’s criminal.

    No LP should be held so roughly. It will need a good wash after those greasy fingers have been all over it.

    On the plus side, it doesn’t appear to be a Lexington.



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