Atlantic in Japan

Atlantic records were released in Japan primarily through the Warner-Pioneer Corporation. The label is pretty well indistinguishable from the conventional Green and Orange label in use in US and Europe, with its own catalogue numbers and the US original recording (in this example, issued on  Atlantic 1235) is acknowledged only on the cover.



Update (June 2017)

Another Atlantic/Japan label surfaces, pressed by Victor, Japan, date unknown but probably ’60s:

(Source: Discogs)


(Source: Discogs)

Above, a revival of the classic Atlantic black label, thought to be early ’90s, manufactured by MMG Inc. (Metro Goldwyn Mayer).

DGmono’s Atlantic Japan (not greatest picture quality)

Atlantic Japan 60s


6 thoughts on “Atlantic in Japan

  1. I have a Japanese LP by Ray Charles on the Atlantic label. This is on a white background with a bullseye around the spindle hole. Furthermore, the sleeve is completely different to other releases ie US, UK, France, Australia etc. I would appreciate any help you can supply me with regarding this pressing.


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