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A guide to collectible jazz record labels, photos from my collection, with all the essential detail to help identify the date and manufacturer of the  record and make that all important decision: how much to bid or pay, or decide after the event that you paid too much, or may be have a bargain.

As well as the label itself, which lots of people do, I try to include macro-shot of the relevant etchings in the run out groove – matrix numbers, catalogue numbers, engineers signature iD, pressing plant identity, stamper and mother codes where relevant. This is physical product, sometimes its a detective game to identify the provenance of the record to hand.

Sub pages for each Label now include relevant listings with a catalogue number, Artist and title, and date recorded when I can find it.

(Note: when on the LJC Home page, point at the topics on the primany top menu bar. All the pages available will come up as a dropdown list below or to the right of the topic if you hovver rather than click in to the topic. If no further pages expand out, then that is the final “nested” page with the information on it.

The primary page is sometimes an  index link for those pages as another way to get to them, shorter topics the primary page is all there is. 

If you find anything here you think is wrong, or you have a label variation of interest, or have any photos of your stuff you think adds something new, email me at the address at the foot of the ABOUT LJC page.

 Blue Note original

Blue Note – The Liberty Years 1968-70

Blue Note – The United Artists Years 1970-79


Blue Note Europe
 Blue Note Japan



Esquire (UK)
Pacific Jazz
 Prestige and New Jazz



Tempo and Vogue (UK)
United Artists


Other British labels

Other European labels

Other US labels

If you have any requests, mail me.


14 thoughts on “Guide to Record Labels

  1. Norgran, was Norman Granz’ first label I believe. I have only one buried in my collection somewhere, I can’t find it at the moment. It was recommended to me by the owner of Replay Records in New Haven, CT ( One of the finest sounding albums in my collection and Replay Records is a great source. I have searched in vain for more on this label.


    • Pablo…Escobar?
      OK, Pablo Records, you knew I knew.

      So far I haven’t found a reason to acquire any Pablo – the artist roster falls pretty far outside my purview: Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, MJQ, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Pass, Benny Carter, Count Basie.. OK a Coltrane or two. Later the label was swallowed up by the eponymous Fantasy. where I guess the many Pablo reissues originate. It’s a label I routinely pass over.

      Have I got it wrong? Don’t send the boys round, please, explain what I’m missing out on.


      • You ain’t missing out on anything, LJC. Except … perhaps … the Milt Jackson & Count Basie double album. Well, one can live without it too – but it’s a hard life.


  2. Hi LJC,
    what do you think about adding Pretoria label?
    Very interesting bop and hard-bop music, sought after vinyl from collector and good sounding, too.
    In addition, it would be interesting to compare original and reissue Pretoria labels.

    Best regards,



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  4. Peter (comment August 5, 2013) Please refer to LJC comments policy

    1. Comments deemed to be spam or promoting products or services, or sell records, will be deleted.

    No offence intended, but LJC is not “Freebay”. No exceptions.


  5. There is a “score records” label, here
    Not sure this is what you had in mind. Otherwise I dont know them. All of my experiences with modern audiophile reissues (180gm) have been negative. At best they sound like a CD, and I have not found any that could hold a candle to the 50/60s originals. The producers can’t resist plumping up the bass in the mix, and to me they sound “botoxed”, The vinyl can be pretty crappy despite its weight, they dont cut the groove any deeper than on normal weight, so it’s a marketing “gimmick”. That said, they do sound better than Eighties reissues.


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