Prestige second issues

Bob Weinstock, ever resourceful, selected many of his prime recordings for a second issue with a new catalogue number and a new cover, and occasionally an altogether new title to snag the unwary. It is worth noting these pairs as they offer the opportunity to acquire very scarce rare early issues effectively pressed with metal derived from the original master. Or enable you to avoid mistakenly buying a later copy of an original release you already have, something I have done more than I care to admit to. Further, a number of second issues sought to capitalise on the craze for stereo, being remastered for pseudo-stereo, something absolutely to avoid.

In a world of “re-issues” these are not the usual fare – they are “vintage reissues” ’60s pressings and can sound very fine, though not always. Some I have encountered are sonically poor whilst others have all the hallmarks of feisty originals.

7053 Monk kicks off with two different reissue covers in addition to the Warhol original alternative cover, unfortunately, the second issue retitled We See and later as The Golden Monk is pseudo-stereo.
(UPDATE- see Aaron’s note in comment re mono editions of these reissues)









7014-as-7254-reissue 7002-as-7256-reissue









4 thoughts on “Prestige second issues

  1. A small clarification – 7053 Monk’s two later incarnations, “We See” and “The Golden Monk” were also released in true mono from the original RVG metal. “We See” has 7053’s etchings in addition to it’s own and “The Golden Monk” has the etchings for both 7053’s and “We See” in the deadwax.


    • Wee See was also issued in a stereo version with silver/black ‘stars’ labels. In reality there was no trace of even simulated stereo. The sound is solid monaural. Monk’s portrait picture is very nice. The rough front paper has a nice feel to it.


  2. Some additions here: 7027 was also reissued as 7159 Monk’s Moods, and 7075 was reissued as 7169 Work! This page and the page with the alternate covers have both proven very useful, as has the page indicating whether an original has RVG etched or stamped. šŸ™‚


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